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Resin tile manufacturers make the roof looks horizontal roof

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Sorching summer, many cities of the roof to heat insulation and leakproof, set up many caigang, such not only violate compasses, also seriously affect the image of the city. The rise of resin tile factory attaches great importance to this, change the resin tile, color can choose, can choose with the colour of the integration of the surrounding environment.

resin tile resin manufacturers recommended tile, resin tile not only heat insulation, sound insulation, tiles single area is large, one can cover a few square meters, with waterproof self-tapping screws to fix tiles on the purline, security firm don't fall off, color variety, gray you choice, purplish red, orange, etc, can be a perfect fusion of building environment and and never rust, service life for 30 years, is now widely used and practical good.

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