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Resin tile manufacturers make roof into works of art

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
In a lot of architectural history, the use of glazed tile history is over one thousand. French court wind, German gothic, Spanish jeep matches such as building, each has its own characteristics.

the color gorgeous house wall color, royalty Jules hardouin mansart type roof structure, etc. , during the Renaissance roofing construction to make the whole of Europe. And north China, the palace temple, aristocratic palace building, also appears to use gorgeous colorful, value of expensive glazed tile phenomenon.

half cylindrical glazed tile, although color colorful, gorgeous shape. But when used in high-rise buildings in the north, due to the temperature difference is big, glazed tile, unlike the cement surface heat bilges cold shrink, cause glazed tile fall off phenomenon, cause safety accident! Due to the glazed tile are pieces together, as long as one of the pieces appear crack, must be the whole piece of change.

some chemical properties, synthetic resin watt even climate temperature change is big, expand scale also can digest themselves, maintain the stability of roof geometry stereo image. Lustre, colour and lustre of resin as glazed tile.

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