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Resin tile manufacturer 'warm house project'

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Since 2012, the terminating zero group implemented a corps of 'warm house' project, it is through scientific planning, from the three high levels of planning and design institute of five sets of scheme selection, using resin tile as roofing waterproof insulation tiles. The second is to adjust measures to local conditions, highlighting features, pragmatic. According to the actual meal each unit worker housing situation, for centralized planning and transformation, invest 3. 1 million yuan to the original shop is the synthetic resin roof tile; Investment of 18. 94 million yuan, for 1300 households have both building external wall insulation, replace the plastic tile and roof waterproof processing, etc. At present, the terminating zero group's old house not only in appearance to look brand-new, and indoor temperature significantly increased, 1580 worker can survive a warm and peaceful in the winter
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