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Resin tile life by the public attention

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Resin, long service life, caigang watts more than four times, once installed, no maintenance replacement.

color bright beautiful appearance, resin tile surface using imported ASA as raw materials, to ensure that don't fade ageing, archaize atmospheric modelling of primitive simplicity, more in line with the Chinese aesthetic idea.

light weight, easy installation resin tile a square 6 kg, light steel structure can be installed, resin tile width of 0. Cut length of 88 meters, according to the size of construction, from the apex to the eaves the entire laid, no joint, installing more efficient and stronger as a whole.

heat preservation, heat insulation, noise reduction, flame retardant, resin insulating tile main raw material for PVC with good stays, flame retardancy, lower noise.

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synthetic resin tile for the Chinese tile culture under a continuation development: synthetic resin tile the sun is still shining
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