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Resin tile installation so simple, can construction big ye, you are also worried about what?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
With the popularity of resin tile use, this new type of roofing materials have been flying off the shelves, it's not, rural big ye are installing resin tile?

let's rural people sincere and hardworking, beginning ability is strong, installation resin tile nature. Big ye said, although never install resin tile, but I installed a caigang watts, the resin tile installation method as caigang watts, li za. Big ye confident, resin tile installation is also good.

below small make up a brief said resin tile installation considerations:

1. Point: whether to use (or steel tube, should be embalmed, service life is long, so don't worry about the corrosion rust.

2。 When playing self tapping screw, don't too tight, of course, also cannot too loose, bad too loose fixed tiles, easy to leak; Too tight will reduce the pressure plate deformation, heat bilges cold shrink when kaka's noise.

3。 Such as natural environment is poor, the wind heavy rain area, when installation to nail type six tapping watts per square meter, fixed tiles can be better, more security firm.

ok, just say so many, detailed installation method please click: synthetic resin tile installation method by rounding
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