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Resin tile industry 'hidden rules', how much do you understand?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
The term 'hidden rules' everybody is not strange, but resin tile industry the unwritten rules of how much do you know? In fact, all the hidden rules of nothing more than one thing in common - — Interests, as long as to recognize the nature of it, it won't be so easy to 'black'. Let resin tile factory technical personnel for your comb resin tile industry some of the 'hidden rules' hope will be helpful to you. Resin tile thickness of hidden rules as everybody knows, resin tile thickness is 2. 0毫米,2。 5毫米,3。 0 mm, reasonable thickness deviation in the range of + / - 0. 1, some just starting out in this article. The resin tile customization into 2. 8mm,2. 3 mm, then the 2. 8 mm thick, 3. 0 mm to sell, 2. 3 mm, 2. 5 mm to sell, to benefit, explains that it is reasonable to consumers deviation range. Actually, normal manufacturer or brand, with strict technical standard, every resin tile factory to go through testing, thickness deviation not so big. Resin tile materials, new materials and recycling materials blending it is resin tile industry is one of the more common phenomenon, recycling material contains many impurities, and the resin tile than new material resin tile have weakened many features, color dim color fastness, easy to aging embrittlement, life is short, the bottom is not smooth, and uneven distribution of fine particles and more. Recycled material to make the resin tile when burnt a pungent smell, the smell may be harmful to human body. ABS resin tile surface material: some use to replace the ASA resin some manufacturers use ABS as a surface layer, because ABS raw materials ( Several thousand yuan/ton) Price is very cheap relative to the ASA. But according to the theory, ASA can anti-aging weatherability is ten times the ABS, that is the life of the ABS poor relative to the ASA to nearly 10 years, and easy to fade, A few months will fade) , brittle crack ( Brittle temperature - 7℃) 。 ASA resin surface directly affects the service life of resins, anti-aging, anti-uv effect. , of course, ASA engineering resins are good and bad, good ASA prices to more than thirty thousand nearly forty-one thousand tons, there are more than ten thousand, with poor poor ASA anti-aging performance more bad, easy to fade. Advice: purchasing resin tile, choose a large formal manufacturers or regular brand, check the inspection report, issued by normal manufacturer warranty, etc. High quality resin tile suppliers, national sales hotline: 0535 - 3490877, 15165728720,
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