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Resin tile existing homes have new look

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Traditional rural buildings generally used clay tile or Chinese style tile roof cover, with the passage of time, the original old building is very old, roof leaks, tiles, old building load not enough problem increasingly prominent, has affected people's normal life. With resin, promote the use of, under the government's vigorously support, a growing number of the roofing renovation, abandon the traditional tiles, switch to light steel structure roof, and USES the synthetic resin tile, to achieve the effect of both safe and beautiful. Why do people accept this kind of new building materials? Now let industry &trade co. , LTD. , the resin tile technician for you to introduce advantage of resin, rural housing reform mostly because the roof leak problem, synthetic resin tile well since the waterproof function, synthetic resin tile surface material chooses high weatherability resin itself close and not bibulous, because the water penetration rates close to zero, so don't need to worry about the problem of water seepage of resin, synthetic resin tile also has a qualitative light, sound insulation, noise reduction, never rust, colorful durable wait for an advantage, short roof replacement cycle at the same time, the light steel structure, the whole installation, construction is convenient, save manpower, material and financial resources is the choice of the tile roof replacement material in the countryside.
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