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Resin tile custom, think what you think, meet the dream of your heart!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Green red grilles, daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, the outline is the most simple to the original. Someone says, the home is the house the car the wife and children; Also someone says, the home is adrift after habitat for you. Everyone in the definition of home is not the same, for the space, are also present in all of us have their own blueprint. Individual customization has become a popular trend, to now, roofing tile building materials resin also can be customized production, put your heart in the blueprint into reality, whether do you also want to have an exclusive custom house?

resin tile custom color & ndash; — Sky blue, dreaming, romantic, quiet, elegant
blue is the color of a lot of people are like, symbol of the romantic, loyalty, wide at the same time, and quiet elegance. Different shades of blue, which can present a different style and temperament, at the same time of attractive, and free from vulgarity able to bear or endure look, so many villas, scenic, rural roof color. If you also love blue pure aesthetic feeling, might as well also to feel the unique charm of it!

resin tile custom color & ndash; — Green: fresh bright and beautiful, full of mysterious breath and poetic symbol
green pure and fresh and long, the color appropriate of yicheng township, it sound like a tree, in any place, you will not feel it is harsh. Without it, will be lonely and lonely. It easy, but I do not mediocrity, it is quiet, but not silence. In all of bright and beautiful color, it is unique in that it coordinator, will the earth and the sky joined together & hellip; … Tones of brown, regardless of slant red or yellow to dark green joker, and the sky blue and Bai Dou through the dark green beautifully together. Very elegant color is dark green, and clear, elegant with vitality. Blackish green, like a plain aristocratic, with from the elegant and fragrance in the garden, blackish green, like a sly elf queen, taking the breath with calm and wisdom, leisurely and vivid.

resin tile custom color & ndash; — Tibetan red: a Tibetan red world, a mysterious land to purify the human mind
Tibetan red should belongs to the Tibetan buddhist unique color, countless lama, and sleep in a crimson red robe come and go, as if the sky to red tide, forming a hidden world of red. And barren hills around, form bright color contrast, give a person strong visual and psychological impact. In a crimson red robe lama and sleep, solemn, steps, and in the air, filled with great joy and Buddhism and peaceful atmosphere.

the color of the rich world too, and resin tile customization can satisfy your different colour requirements. In addition, not only is the color can be customized, specifications, thickness, material and so on all can be customized, who call we are resin tile manufacturers? Is so capricious!
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