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Resin tile color selection with regional culture characteristics and the relationship between the housing overall planning

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
As a synthetic resin tile manufacturers, for many years of sales experience, it is not difficult to find customers for resin in different parts of the tile color have different needs and preferences, the reason have personal preferences are also associated with different in different parts of the customs. For example, some customers like white resin tile, they think that white is the symbol of purity; Some customers like red resin tile, they feel more festive red, the significance of thriving; Some customers like grey, they think more sedate gray does not make widely known; Also some customer like blue or green, they feel blue romance, green full of vitality; These are the more common color, but there are some more ideas of customers, for example, we can choose a yantai zhaoyuan customers custom golden, give a person a kind of high-end feeling atmosphere, to customers such as the Tibetan region, and they have a special liking to hide the red, the color can give their construction in unique style. Actually these resin tile color selection, not just because the customer preference, but also because they think these color tile house, life will be good lucky for you, with a lot of meaning and hope. Some also can according to feng shui needs to match the color of the resin tile, the practice is common in rural China, many families to build houses, will find a feng shui master to measure of the front of house, feng shui is good, and so on. In fact, to do all of these are expected to live better and better. In a word, on the selection of resins for tile color, should follow the local culture characteristics, as well as the overall plan of the house to decide. Synthetic resin tile manufacturers have a custom service, need not worry can't get the desired color, the color, thickness, material, etc. Can be customized for you.
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