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Resin tile also for fog haze governance

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Good ecological environment is the basic condition of human survival, but with the advancement of industrialization, the growing ecological crisis. Especially in recent years, the fog shrouded in China the earth, and the plague of the people living on this land. Protect the earth, is to protect our common homeland, from all walks of life should be set up environmental protection consciousness, lead by example. As roofing tile building materials manufacturers, we need more for the environment protection out of a force! As is known to all, from QinZhuanHanWa to modern times, roofing tile with clay fire and into, not only in the process of manufacturing of air pollution caused by waste of land resources, also waste tiles will become construction waste, causing environmental pollution. Synthetic resin tile is a traditional roofing tile industry transition model of success, is the pet materials innovation achievements, the emergence of the synthetic resin tile will promote the development of roofing tile industry into a new chapter of environmental protection and energy saving. Enhanced environmental protection consciousness prompted roofing tile industry development in the direction of the environmental protection and energy saving; In recent years, the rapid development of the green building led to the demand of the building materials product environmental protection, energy saving, the building materials industry traditional mode of production of the domestic architecture is earth-shaking changes. Transformation and upgrading of traditional roofing tile industry in order to achieve success, without the reform, and the 'material innovation' has become an important force in the reform, synthetic resin tile is the important achievement of material innovation, it has the wind and earthquake resistant and anticorrosive weather resistance, thermal insulation, fire retardant, long service life, do not need to overhaul maintenance during use, and many other advantages, was identified as environmental protection and energy saving building materials, have been widely used. Environmental protection and energy saving of the synthetic resin tile products have very big development space: a: resin tile industry long-term stable development, ping change slope, landscape transformation, the demand of the new rural construction and other projects; 2: resin tile industry most of the resin system, the mechanism of the enterprise reform has made significant progress toward marketization, basic to establish modern enterprise system; Three: resin tile industry overall technical level is ripe, close to the world's advanced level, some areas has reached the international advanced level; Four: resin backbone enterprises 'going out', for example, let's shandong local enterprise, industry and trade co. , LTD. , products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions, in the international market to show the comprehensive strength of the new roof tile in China, and promote the domestic labor and complete sets of equipment of 'going out', achieved good comprehensive benefits. The development of environmental protection, energy saving building materials is the purpose of the development of green building. Traditional tile material after 10 more than twenty years after the baptism, becomes the construction waste, cause a lot of pollution. Synthetic resin tile does not waste of land resources can be effectively recycling, combined with the performance characteristics of many, is widely used to the change of slope, new urbanization and new rural construction areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas and other projects. On the premise of not pollute the environment, the production of synthetic resin tile for strong governance haze under the policy of the part.
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