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Resin, the unit price will increase correspondingly along with rising raw material

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Since the middle of August, resin raw material prices continue to rise, this will definitely affect the resin price rose. In addition to some giant have, according to the original material ( Such as star building materials) , temporarily is not affected by fluctuations in prices, most resin tile manufacturers already are on the market price ( Star building materials has rise in price in November) Up to 2 yuan per square meter, individual areas. The price is mainly affected by the cost side, one is the raw material price increases, the second is a rise in the cost of logistics. Most manufacturers price increases confidence, not only cover the costs, also increased the unit product profitability.

with a resin tile factory price announcement,

all the dealers, customers:

because raw material prices continue to rise at the present stage, the company product cost is increased, the company decision research, from now on all the products on the basis of the original supply price per square metre rose $4, please all dealers and customers to understand and support!


* * * of hubei province building materials technology co. , LTD.
on November 1, 2016,

new material used in the production of synthetic resin tile of PVC rally from June begins, and continues to this day, SG - to the east of China On June 27, 5 as an example, the price is in 5450 yuan/ton, and since November 23, prices have soared to 7900 yuan/ton, up 2450 yuan/ton, increase at 44. 95%. In such a big boom, synthetic resin tile price rise is inevitable. Preliminary understanding of synthetic resin tile around how much will it cost? Details, please click here to read.

the market demand, resin tile order optimistic
the speeding up of urbanization and new rural construction, resin and other new type of environmental protection and energy saving building materials for the development of new high tide. The personage inside course of study is expected, as the resin of functional and decorative widely circulated, knowing and accepting more and more, the demand will double in the next year or two. In addition, the city of ping change slope engineering areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, landscape transformation, rural old room in tile and other projects, will be continuous boost demand for resin tile products.

resin tile price rise, resin tile manufacturers should pay attention to the quality of the product and its own reputation. Star hair building materials in addition to guaranteed product quality, equipment and plant, expanding production cycle is far less than the small manufacturer, under the condition of market demand, production capacity is expected to rapidly expand, first to take more market share.
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