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Resin roofing tile beautification also promote safety index

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
Live a good house, a good life this is we the people heart! Rising in recent years our country national economy level, people's living standards are also gradually improve, many people put the former housing renovation, if not to cover, at least will be renovated, roofing into wind good anti-seismic, anticorrosive durability and painted ASA synthetic resin tile, not only house beautiful, safety index is also higher. Synthetic resin tile is using high weather resistance ASA engineering resin and wear-resisting material, through modern three-layer co-extrusion technology a molding suppression and become, tiles, qualitative light, compact, don't ooze water leakage, install quickly and easily, less lap also reduces the risk of leakage, tiles not bibulous, not because in the rain for the beams increases its weight and increase pressure. In addition, the service life of the synthetic resin tile more than 50 years, without during overhaul maintenance, for rural left-behind family in great quantities, now is very save worry save trouble. Tiles with self tapping screw lap, strong and firm, can resist the attack of the storm, tiles are not fragile, hail smashed and not easily also for the people living in it, items, or poultry, compared with the traditional tile is much more safe. For rural old house in synthetic resin tile, also is very simple, if the original purlin no decay is strong enough, can directly pulled off the old, in the correct synthetic resin tile cover installation method. If you want to replace purlin, like above, new wood preservative treatment can be used again, so will not be bug bit not easy corrosion, also more durable. PVC plastic tile, anticorrosive, enhanced fiberglass resin, synthetic resin watts watts, ASP gangsu composite tile can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details please call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720
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