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Resin of high temperature resistant performance to measure from which a few respects

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
In terms of resin tile building fire protection. Determination of synthetic resin tile ping change slope material of high temperature performance is good or not should consider the following five aspects. 1, resin tile burning performance of building materials combustion performance including ignitability, flame propagation, burning velocity and calorific value and so on. Resin are non-flammable and plastic watts ( Oxygen index less than 20) ; From self-extinguishing fire! 2, the expansion of the mechanical properties of synthetic resin tile coefficient of 4. 9 * 10 mm/mm / ℃, at the same time, tile type has two-way tensile properties in the geometric shape, even if the temperature change is bigger, the scale of, can also be on its own to ensure that the geometry size stability. 3, smoke performance materials combustion would produce a lot of smoke, except for personal harm, also seriously interfere with the personnel evacuation action in a lot of fire and fire fighting and rescue work, a large number of victims is not burned to death. But the flue gas suffocation caused. Resin products and plastic watts flame retardant products, by the fire authority department detect fire performance achieve B1 level. 4, toxic properties in flue gas generated at the same time. Material also combustion and pyrolysis of a bull on toxic gas according to the statistics. Building fire deaths in R0 & quot; IN die/for flue gas poisoning. So the potential toxicity of material must be paying attention. ASA anticorrosive tile reach points will form the smoke burning zone, when burned, and does not produce melting drops. 5 and the function in isolation from the fire high temperature heat insulation, material coefficient of thermal conductivity and thermal capacity are the two most important factors. In addition, the expansion of the material, shrinkage, deformation, cracks, factors such as melting, pulverization also has great influence to the heat insulation performance, this is because in practice. Construction practices associated with heat insulation performance directly, for these and affects the construction practice. Qualified synthetic resin tile reach points will form the smoke burning zone, and the burning does not produce drops.
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