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Resin handling, stacking matters needing attention

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Handling loading and unloading of need level, especially is long. Bending of casting is easy to cause, damage and fracture, deformation. Workers be careful handling, prevent the tile surface scratches. Lifting hoisting to roof installation, it is recommended that the pieces can be piled up no more than 20 watts. The level of maintaining the best three segments. ( Conditions allow level of welding steel structure as auxiliary lifting tool) Storage location should be kept flat on the ground, put shelves or pad, or tile will because of unbalanced force leading to cracking and deformation. Stacking number is too much, stacking height should not exceed 1. 2 meters. Board or shelf stacking height is generally not more than 0. 8 m. Piled up at the bottom has no sharp objects such as rocks. Avoid outdoor piled up for a long time, lead to products in the rain, the outward appearance is damaged.
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