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Resin color tile wholesale manufacturers, resin color less money a square meters

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Resin color tile is the synthetic resin tile is only in the resin color tile surface with different asa resin raw materials, through high temperature heating were crowded together, the surface is what you want to color, red, orange, sky blue resin. Star resin tile manufacturers can also support a sample for DIY custom color, of course this is usually large amount of user needs! General farm households, rural are green gray is given priority to, one is the fade time to much slower, bright red color of the time is long will see!

resin tile? Because of the different factors such as specifications, resin watts per square meter price in 42 yuan, per square meter with self tapping screw 4 = $4, a total of about 46 yuan/square meters. Because for the big width of 880 mm synthetic resin tile floor tile design, according to the actual needs, the size of the cutting length. Very convenient to install, installation time per person per day can be laid at least 100 square meters, artificial cost 200 yuan/day. The total cost, resin tile for a significantly. We do not know when to buy roof tile so only look at the product price, and total cost should be considered.
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