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Resin application in ancient building roof replacement

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
The roof of the ancient Chinese architecture of architectural style plays a particularly important role. He that far out of the eaves, the eaves of elastic curve, formed by raising of truss method of inflection slightly roofing, case become warped corner (slightly Look up in a corner, like NiaoChi Angle rafter, therefore calls 'wing Angle') And hard mountain, mount suspension, jehiel mountain ridge, hip roof, pavilion, cross, Lu top and faced numerous changes of roof form, plus the splendid glazed tile, make buildings have unique and strong visual effects and artistic appeal. Through the study of the various combinations of the roof, and the structure of the shapes and contours become more abundant. And looking down from the sky, roof effect is very good, this form of roof construction spread one thousand, condensed the rich Chinese traditional culture. But as the reason, the service life of a growing number of ancient palace buildings appear damaged, leak, fade, so there is no other new material can replace the traditional glazed tile, and also can keep the traditional architectural roofing modelling diversity? The answer is yes. Industry and trade co. , LTD. , production research and development of synthetic resin tile is very rich in color, some color clear, mutatis mutandis, some color harmony, and more plain. Synthetic resin tile practical life is long, can reach 40 - 50 years time, the waterproof effect is strong, at the same time, colorful, color variety, yellow, wine red, green, the water ink, and so on. Synthetic resin tile in the ancient palace building roof repairs, plays an increasingly important role.
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