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Resin antique tiles

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
The effect is strong, lotus leaf, Anti-fouling) Resin of archaize of lotus leaf effect is stronger, the material is very dense, so it's the fouling resistance is strong, not easy adsorption on, such as dust, after some dust falling into the natural water, tiles still look brand-new. So this kind of tiles will not show dirt spots in daily, long-term stable quality and beautiful appearance.

3, strong corrosion resistance, Also can use acid rain area) Resin itself with super chemical stability, this kind of high quality, best price of antique tiles can be resistant to acid, alkali corrosion treasure both common area or acid rain area can make use of this kind of tiles, will not affect its waterproof function.

in recent years, resin imitation antique tiles slowly appeared in the line of sight of people, under the full support of country, industrialization of green building materials and building, residential industrialization produce synergy and connection, and to promote the cement tile and other new flat roof anticorrosion the development trend of decorative building materials.

but, along with the rapid development of decoration industry, building materials industrial enterprises growth energy consumption more serious, nitrogen oxides and soot pollution production increase to reduce the daily tasks, the high energy consumption of the building materials industry into resources, the total air pollutant emission output big, production capacity of more serious excess capacity of green ecological through stock now. Resin antique tiles and so on the new green flat roof could help in the manufacturing process and application of decorative building materials, environmental protection, energy conservation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the effect of safety, convenience and circulating system. Resin imitation antique tile selects high Hou Kun ASA project resistant epoxy resin as raw materials, surface application of high quality PVC epoxy resin as raw materials, bottom with light weight, compressive strength, moisture proof? Tide, anti-corrosion flame retardancy, long life, comprehensive utilization and so on several kinds of high quality characteristic. Cement tile also according to the quality of Chinese environment mark product certification, by the Ministry of Science and Technology development trend of base effect evaluation, environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving goods? And can operate regeneration, it is at this stage in our country to vigorously support the development of environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving, new building materials products.

2, high safety, High temperature resistance, insulation) Resin imitation antique tile high-temperature resistance is strong, because its itself is a flame retardant material, so for the fire prevention has a great advantage. Treasure and this kind of product is insulation products, and not easily get casualties when faced with accidental discharge, so the overall high safety.

so why resin antique tiles low carbon environmental protection? Because it is very light, compressive strength, good compaction, moistureproof prevent wet, anti-corrosion flame retardant, sound insulation to fall several high quality features such as heat insulation heat preservation, long service life. And low consumption in the production process, control without gas caused by waste water, because the key raw material is resin material, so no auxiliary material, can comprehensive utilization. In addition, the cement tile design beautiful generous, rich and colorful color tone up to 10 categories, can maintain 10 nondiscolouring for two years.

4, strong insulation ( Low thermal conductivity)

antique tile product has good insulation, compared with the ordinary clay tile, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is more low, can make indoor maintain the stability of temperature for a long time, and indirectly, to save electricity.
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