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Resin anticorrosion tile options

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
As metallurgical industry, chemical industry, food factory, etc have anticorrosive demand, their factory have anticorrosive demand, according to the characteristics of the industry when design need to consider the design of anticorrosion materials. In the design of industrial architecture, especially in the design of chemical industry construction, has the characteristics of the two most prominent, one is for fire and explosion prevention, another is antiseptic. If poor anticorrosion material use, will directly affect the plant structure and quality, can cause huge economic losses to the enterprise. So then the design of industrial building anti-corrosion materials is very important. Anticorrosion design of industrial building is a shallow of now: a, corrosion: in industrial production, due to acid, alkali, salt and the role of the solvent, dust and other medium, the building materials of physical or chemical damage occur. Second, corrosive classification: 1, acid corrosion, the effect of acid corrosion. Its corrosion resistance mainly depends on the strength of the acid. 2, alkaline corrosion: role by alkali corrosion. 3, salt corrosion: on the chemical properties, salt for (1) neutral salt, which generated by strong acid and strong alkali salt, the salt is neutral, no corrosive; 2 acid salt, namely, strong acid and weak base generated by the salt, the salt acidic and corrosive; (3) alkaline salt, namely, weak acid and alkali of salt, the salt alkaline, and corrosive. On the physical properties, most of the salt in the dry and wet alternation and temperature under the conditions of existence, will appear from crystallization, thus to concrete and clay brick and wood building materials to produce physical damage. In this particularly recommended resin anticorrosion, specifically for anticorrosion demand research and development production workshop, chemical experiment: '' brand resin anticorrosion tile can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, experiments in 15% hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, 5% and 40% 20% hydrofluoric acid four reagent soaking after 24 hours, respectively, in appearance and no obvious change, all the physical properties of a super-long corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of pickling workshop, chemical factory, the areas of acid rain, etc.
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