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Resin anticorrosion tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Resin anticorrosion material mainly composed of unsaturated resin, PVC, metal plate fluorocarbon lacquer that bake, bakelite, etc. Unsaturated resin anticorrosion plate, resin anticorrosion tile for vinyl ester resin is made up of bisphenol a type or phenolic type epoxy resin and methylacrylic acid reaction type of modified epoxy resin, commonly referred to as vinyl ester resin ( ANGU) , alias epoxy acrylic resin, thermosetting resin.

vinyl ester resin adhering to the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, curing and molding sex, can dissolve in styrene and acrylic monomers, due to the advantages of both epoxy and unsaturated with strong acid and alkali resistant properties, its application field is constantly expanding, is widely adopted by chemical etching zone! In high corrosion area its durability can be up to 25 years.

PVC resin anticorrosion material, PVC mainly used in packaging, decoration, insulation, daylighting, moulded, has the god of green environmental protection, good acid and alkali.

fluorocarbon paint metal plate, using high-performance poly 2 vinyl fluoride resin coating content more than 70% for the double two painted two of the baked, in addition to show extremely excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to chemicals and processing molding, has more strong constant and beautiful color.

this type three kind of PVDF painted steel products ( Fluorocarbon paint) , can resist the dirt of the city, acid rain, the hot sun, in the arctic cold wind, the years still can keep the beautiful appearance and integrity. In the general environment its durability can amount to 15 years. Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion plate, glass fiber reinforced polyester, made of honeycomb carbon polyester or solid board, etc. , according to the shape can be divided into the same as the roof plate waveform of glass fiber reinforced polyester plate and other flat or curved surface board, acid and alkali resistant 10 years, bakelite wave plate corrosion protection board, bakelite chemical name is called bakelite, is on an input in the plastic industrial production of varieties.

it has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, so often used in the manufacture of electrical materials, such as switch, socket, headsets, phone casing, instrument shell, such as bakelite hence the name. It, the advent of the industrial development has the vital significance. But bakelite acid alkali, not acid 10 years, in case of alkaline substances will not have the advantage of it!

resin anticorrosion, also called FRP resin anticorrosion watts is also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic resin anticorrosion, is also a kind of new environmental protection building materials in recent years, domestic commonly used for resin anticorrosion roof tile, etc.

a, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, long service life & gt; 25 years

2, sound and heat insulation performance especially

3, low installation costs

4, beautiful and generous

whether application of high-level, inland or coastal, can withstand hurricane, earthquake, roofing system safe and reliable.

what resin anticorrosion, people often say that the resin anticorrosion, is all some what watts resin anticorrosion tile is divided into: glass fiber reinforced plastic resin anticorrosion tile ( FRP resin anticorrosion watts) , plastic tile ( PVC resin anticorrosion watts) Glazed tile, resin, etc. , and their application field is wide, mostly used in steel structure factory building, the villa, stadium, chemical industry, ceramics industry, foundry enterprises, breeding industry, paper industry, smelting, power plants, such as roof anticorrosion. Resin anticorrosion tile price relative to the color steel plate, and its quality is light, high strength, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, it is our ideal anticorrosion materials, modern industrial energy saving and produce short time limit, convenient distribution, resin anticorrosion tile installation is very convenient, advantage of resin anticorrosion and used by customers for its importance is in the factory, see in mind, resin anticorrosion in consumer heart has replaced the caigang watts. With resin anticorrosion tile in fire prevention, corrosion protection, heat preservation sound insulation effect of the above well, meet the needs of social development. Therefore said resin anticorrosion tiles on the roof building materials industry is one of important building materials.
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