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Repairing Asbestos Slate Roof

by:Xingfa      2020-06-03
Those who live within a private home, or possess a cottage, covered with slate - they am aware that in 10-12 years slate cracks, chips, etc. It starts to leak and it must be repaired. But how? For the good old grandfather technology asbestos slate roof was washed, dried, grounded varnish, and then all cracks glued rags soaked in oil tart up. So did my grandmother. But after 3-4 years all had to be repeated again. I came across as a simple way to repair these roofs. I tried - the result is great. And now 9 years old the roof is not leaking. So . We need: PVA glue, water, fluff asbestos cement grade no lower than 300 gutter heating elements. If there is no PVA - Use water-based paints frost makes the E-AC-111 E-EA-17, E-VS-17 (though durability of such repairs a few drops). If you cannot find any asbestos fluff - just grate asbestos sheet. Mix 2.1 .ch. cement with 3 asbestos fluff and breed PVA, diluted with water (water-based paints are not diluted). The resulting mixture should produce the consistency of sour cream. Mixture is ready at the rate of 2-3 hours, if a massive amount of work. Prepare the roof directly: carefully obmetaem areas covered with earth, covered with lichen, etc. followed by wash it out of the water supply hose. Particularly closely examining areas with cracks. You will need to pass them by using a stiff brush. After drying, the top gruntuem diluted PVA (1 glue 3 water). In principle, the repair is applied after the primer to the field with several layers cooked cracked us of the mixture (to the layer thickness reached 2 mm). Roof repairs ought to be done in cloudy weather, so the sun is not happening fast drying layers, which leads to their cracking. Well, our maintenance is finished from this. You can forget about a roof for as much as 7-9 years.Guaranteed! After such a repair is necessary to have a rest in their own villa. However, on the bare floor likes to sit far from each - one method or another need garden office furniture. That it will make your life at their summer cottage cozy and cozy. When you dwell in your home an individual have a suburban area, you'll need to do everything so that running barefoot was cozy and cozy in any survive. Because sometimes nature does not spoil us, the sun beats unbearable, after that all day bad. So I made the decision to build a house near that sort of gazebo where may get sit in any pogodu.Ya pondered what material to use for covering a pergola until my eyes caught a plastic slate (PVC). He drew me a great color scheme, and the ease and simplicity of these montazhe.Dlya just need to put a metal frame with pipes and corner belonging to the size of designed you want for completion of with a plastic slate. To a plastic slate served you long to properly and accurately make a crate for his mount. Do bear in mind that sometimes falls in the winter a lot of snow, and as he podtaet, it becomes very difficult. And so i made a crate with metal and wood in increments of 350-400 millimeter. Slate I was putting in one wave overlap and fastens it with screws to wooden reykam.Samorezy need to twist the top and wave to think about them with a rubber gasket, your roof will not absorb moisture.
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