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removing old ceiling tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-10-30
Sometimes, you need to remove the ceiling tiles for one reason or another.
Removing ceiling tiles is a job you can do easily on your own.
But the difficulty of removing tiles depends to a large extent on how they are installed.
Common ceiling and interlocking ceiling two types of ceiling tiles.
Hanging these is relatively easy to remove, but difficulties arise when you have to remove the interlocking ceiling.
Chain tiles need more work and effort.
Another important fact you have to keep in mind before using the tile is that the tile contains asbestos.
Asbestos was widely used for ceramic tiles before 1980 s.
Asbestos is dangerous for you.
If you want to know if your tile contains asbestos, you may have to send it to a test center authorized by the government.
If there is asbestos in the tile, it is better to hire a professional.
The following items are required to remove old ceiling tiles :-Needle-nose pliers-Garbage can-Putty knife-Tarps-
Crowbar/claw hammer-
Remove utility knife for ceiling tiles1.
Before starting to remove the ceiling, put a waterproof cloth on the floor.
This TARP will help you to collect debris and dust from the ceiling.
Arrange a large bin and put it in the room. 2.
Push the ceiling tiles up
To remove these from the track, pick it up. 3.
To take the ceiling tiles through the opening between the tracks, you need to hold them at a specific angle.
Take all the tiles in the same way and throw them in the trash can or bin.
Remove interlocking ceiling.
The first step is the same as the one you follow the pause.
Cover the floor with a waterproof cloth and place a large trash can to collect all the debris and dust. 2.
You have to figure out how the tiles are installed.
Most of the tiles are bound or glued to the edges.
Take a tool knife and engrave the gap on the edge of the tile.
Gently lift the tile with a putty knife to see if it is sticky or nailed. 3. Take the rim (molding)
Far from the ceiling
To remove the rim, place the putty knife along the rim edge and tap it gently with a hammer.
Pry the knife open and remove the wheel. 4.
To remove the tiles, you can use the crowbar or claw hammer.
Place the crowbar or hammer on the edge of the crowbar and tap a little.
Move the claw hammer rod back and forth;
This will relax the support of the tiles.
Keep in mind that sticking tiles requires more effort and strength than binding tiles.
Remove all the tiles one by one and throw them into the trash can.
If you have DingTalk on your tiles, take them away with a needle and nose clamp. Precautions-
Asbestos is a harmful substance and should be treated with care.
The best way is to hire a professional to solve this problem.
If it is inevitable that you work on a tile containing asbestos, please follow all safety measures.
You will also need a breathing mask, safety goggles and protective clothing. -
Many states have some rules and regulations for the treatment and disposal of asbestos.
Strictly abide by the rules and regulations.
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