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【 Recommend 】 The construction process of resin tile resin tile manufacturers production standards

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
My company is the domestic synthetic resin tile manufacturers, manufacturers, wholesale products and services, such as a well-known company, before also introduce some related content, today again to learn 'resin tile manufacturer to the construction process of resin tile factory production standards'
1. Pipe steel purlin can choose party ( 60*40*3mm) Or C payments ( 100*50*20*3mm) Or wood square, 60*40mm) We must do the anti-corrosion treatment. 2, according to resin tile type purline spacing ( Bamboo tile spacing is 750 mm) By next upgrade, configuration. 3, the main tile installation according to the local wind reverse installation, two transverse overlapping between tile a crest ( Including the ridge tile lap) Size is 80 mm, longitudinal lap a pitch, lap in purlin contact parts must use self-drilling bolt. 4, in the case of a two slope roof, it should be two slope synchronous symmetrical installation, so that is ridge tile installation time waveform match. 5, oblique ridge tile installation after the completion of installation, in the end of the ridge tile is ridge tile with oblique ridge tile should handle the level off, take it to the installation of tee ridge tile. 6, installation is at the ridge tile as far as possible to avoid the tile to seam overlap, installed to reduce the gap. 7, fixed pieces for special self-drilling bolts, gasket first bolt seals reoccupy electric wrench moderately tight resin, resin tile manufacturer of waterproof construction process and then cover the risk. 8, roofing requirements: synthetic resin tile is suitable for the slope is 20 ~ 80 - degree slope roof.
relevant article recommended: 1, the synthetic resin tile of artificial aging test report ( Artificial ageing 10000 hours is equal to the actual use of 20 years) 2, synthetic resin tile in low temperature drop hammer impact ( 0℃,1小时) Synthetic resin tile report ( A kilogram of steel ball since the height of 1 meter free fall does not produce crack on the surface of the tile, falling ball impact 10 products without damage in low temperature. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, foaming, stripping, the phenomenon such as crack. ) Standard of synthetic resin tile itself has very good load resistance, quality surveillance inspection by national building materials and components, the support interval of 750 mm, uniformly distributed load of 150 kg case, without any damage. Poorly made of synthetic resin bricklayer's men will have broken construction work on a tile. 3, synthetic resin tile of fire-proof building material test report ( The code for fire protection design of architectural interior A2. Plastic combustion performance determine B1 level 6 or above) 4, the standard of synthetic resin tile can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, soaking experiment of salt, alkali and 60% under various kinds of acid for 24 hours without chemistry. Poorly made of synthetic resin tile surface by its pigment produces chemical reaction, even fade away.
that is 'the construction process of resin tile resin tile manufacturers production standards' of all content, if still have what not understand of place, our professional customer service will be for your detailed answers, next time we will introduce you to synthetic resin tile manufacturers, attention please!

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