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raze the roof, fix a pothole

by:Xingfa      2019-10-30
WALDMARCH 1994 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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It was Brian H in 15 snowstorms.
The best winter ever
His company, recycling company.
, Make the material fill the potholes, so every time the street unfreeze, then freeze, there is more demand for his products.
But more reason is to like bad weather: it produces more supplies of recycled unusual raw materials.
The other paving companies use asphalt, which is used by the old roof.
\"The weather is great, come and go,\" he said . \".
\"Both markets will be developed.
\"Reclaim said it was the only company in the business that used old asphalt tiles that roof workers had removed from houses and commercial buildings.
The company has a factory in Camden and another, the company chopped the wooden tiles, grinded, mixed with gravel, added a secret solvent mixture to help it stick together, and cook them into patch materials.
All this and recycling TooWith 20-
Debris from the roof rises from mud under Pulaski Skyway, a clanclan creaking steel tower --
In this small factory, recycling doesn\'t look like most people think about \"green industry.
But it\'s been on hold for more than a quarter.
Tens of thousands of tons of waste roofing materials from New Jersey landfill sites have reduced demand for oil used to make asphalt and, according to the company and some of its customers, offers a premium pit patch although it is more expensive than the usual mixture.
\"That\'s great,\" said Henry . \"
Fill the pitted Munk for the joint city public works department.
\"This is a good thing,\" said William F . \"
Bull, recycling coordinator in Bayona city.
\"I really believe in these materials,\" said John J . \"Tarditi Jr.
Mayor of Harden field.
All three companies said that the main product of Reclaim, Repave, is superior to the current standard material, cold patch, which is a hard gravel that workers shovel into the hole and want to stay there
New York City officials are evaluating the repair plan but have not yet decided to buy it.
There are test patches on 11 th and 7 th Avenue in Greenwich Village and Smith Street near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.
The scraping bucket advertising asphalt roof tile and asphalt paving material come from the same place: the bottom of the oil bucket.
If the oil is peach, the asphalt is the pit.
Asphalt is made from large hydrocarbon molecules that the refinery cannot use for gasoline, heating oil or anything else.
People have been thinking about it for a long time to recycle tiles into paving materials, but the recycling company based in Tampa, Florida.
Is the first person to make it work.
Because the landfill is expensive, recycling does not have to buy raw materials, so it works in New Jersey;
In fact, this makes the truck driver pay for the dumping, though less than the landfill.
In addition to economic incentives, recycling has also benefited from New Jersey\'s decision to force recycling of materials in waste logistics where recycling systems exist.
Roof tiles account for 3% of landfill sites.
Capture OnReclaim is slow but does not try to maximize the amount of recycling.
If the pile is too large, it will increase the cost of receiving the material.
The limiting factor is the demand for its products, which company officials say is growing slowly. Mr.
Urban purchasing authorities are making slow progress in trying new ways to fill potholes, Mr. Howland said.
So the output is still very low.
Most of them are mechanized, but the workers still have to install five.
60 gallon barrel
Smash the plastic bag with a shovel.
This product has not been sold in bulk yet, and the highway department usually buys it this way.
The company went public a year ago and traded under the roof of the stock code, but has not yet made a profit.
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Today, in Reclaim, there is only one truck because there are very few roof workers working in the snow.
But when spring comes, it will rise to a steady stream.
This afternoon, the owner of Cheryl\'s disposal of Cornell Halper in Piscataway took 15-cubic-
From a house in Hillsboro, pick up the yard bin of the roof wreckage.
She signed a form that says where the material came from and the information will eventually be sent to Trenton and help determine the size of the bounty the New Jersey government paid to each town.
The form also includes the commitment of Ms.
Halper says there is no asbestos in the load.
She took $375 to unload the goods.
If it is not recycled, it will be sent to a landfill in Somerset County for a fee of $1,500, she said.
She kept some of the differences, but most of them passed on to the roofing workers who might pass some savings on to the homeowner.
\"Hey, the cost of recycling is high,\" she said . \".
Recover from the pile near the entrance 2. 5-
On the acres here, a paid loader ships the tiles to the \"the muncher\", a steel box with a screw drill, a bottle opener
Break the tile and bring it to the shape of the metal sheet on the conveyor belt.
The tile then becomes a \"mini Chew\" and it breaks the material finer until it is chopped.
Magnets remove nails from the roof.
Sir, please don\'t growl.
A special skill of Howland, Reclaim is to break the tile without heating the tile through friction.
Too hot will turn asphalt into a useless sticky substance.
In addition to the asphalt, muncher broke the back of the wooden tile, which is cellulose or fiberglass.
The materials, he said, provide fiber that makes the patch stronger.
The idea is not new.
Concrete manufacturers have begun to add fiber to strengthen their mixture.
Repave is recycled material from 20 to 30%.
The rest is the aggregate, the technical name of the fine gravel used in the asphalt, and the solvent.
The repair cost per pound is about six times that of the cold field, mainly because it requires more labor.
But the road department said the patches were last year.
The cold field sometimes lasts, but usually comes back from the hole in a few weeks.
Cold field, said Mr.
The bull of Bayonne, \"you will come back three or four times in the winter, maybe five times, because none of these things.
He said, \"You just have to go once, it\'s over . \"
So the crew had a chance to make more holes and catch up with them.
\"A version of this article appears on page 1001036 of the national edition of March 13, 1994, titled: razing the roof, patching the potholes.
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