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PVC tile fade will affect its service life

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
PVC tile is in commonly in use after a year or two, there will be faded, the color will be gradually unified the lighter. Many people will ask, 'this will reduce the life of the tile material? 'Many people worry about PVC tile fade will bring life on the lower. PVC says 'don't have to worry about. ' Because of the PVC tile fade mainly depends on the pigment ( Colorants) Fade the structure of itself, does not represent the quality of the tile material change, doesn't mean it will shorten the service life. The reason has the following three points: 1, the molecular structure of the PVC tile surface paint, stability have bigger difference, After 2, pigment faded, PVC tile can restore the instinctive quality of PVC powder tree, that is white. However, PVC molecular structure did not change, so does not affect the use of PVC tile. 3, the color of the PVC tile only rich variety of color effects, does not affect its service life. Decided to the service life of the PVC tile has the following two factors: internal factors, A products: PVC tile itself the formulation, processing technology and the thickness of the material; B, the external environment factors: the stronger the ultraviolet region, the service life of the PVC tile will be relatively short. In addition, PVC tile improperly installed, also will shorten its service life. PVC tile fade, therefore, belongs to the normal phenomenon, does not affect its service life, everyone can put one hundred heart.
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