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PVC roofing -windproof

PVC roofing -windproof


The upvc platstic corrugated roof sheet is very light, but it is not easy to blown up or folded by the wind. The corruagted upvc roof sheet has excellent wind and earthquake resistance, high toughness, deformation, and impact resistance. In addition to its own wind and earthquake resistance, installation and fixing is also the key to enhancing the wind resistance of PVC roofing.

The main installation of PVC Roof Sheet should be installed in reverse according to the local wind direction. All fixing tappings should be installed at the top of the wave, and ensure that the fixing tappings are perpendicular to the tile surface.


The expansion and contraction of the roofing sheet should be considered during fixation. The fixing tappings should not be tightened too tightly to avoid roof sheet deformation and water leakage. The number of fixing parts must be no less than 4 per square meter. Around the perimeter of the scaffold, you can add appropriate fixing parts and ensure that the part of the tiles extending beyond the eaves is within 100MM. At the longitudinal edge of the tile, each wave must be fixed to the purlins with accessories, and appropriate reinforcement measures are required in windy areas.


    Installed in a standard manner and cleverly fixed, pvc roofing can withstand hurricanes even in windy areas.

XINGFA  Tile Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier specializing in roofing materials. The roofing building materials produced have the advantages of light weight, toughness, thermal insulation, sound insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, fire insulation, and easy installation. The product has passed ISO9001:2009 quality system certification, a number of product tests, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, can provide test reports, can provide installation videos or on-site installation guidance.

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