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PVC resin tile quotation

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
88m² , the type 880 is refers to the width of 880 mm width 800 mm one-meter 0. 88 square, synthetic resin tile specifications there are two kinds of 880 and 1050;

PVC resin tile quotation; The surface layer at the bottom of the red red 2. 0mm 2. 5毫米3。 0mm ( 22 yuan, 25 yuan, 28 yuan) Unit m

three layers of white resin tile: 2. 5毫米,3。 0毫米( 28 yuan, 33 yuan) Unit m

as the construction industry development, the development of building materials and after the change of generation after generation, in construction industry with its own advantages, is widely used by people to also make a lot of resin tile manufacturer continuous improvement process, in order to provide better resin tile. So what is the distinguishing feature of this new type of building materials tile, and how to discern when buying? Some people struggle with resin tile caigang watts and which one is good, in fact we all know, every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, in general, compared with modern tile caigang watts, more is better in all aspects. Caigang watts has been called color pressed, is a kind of made of color coating steel plate through a series of processes, use rise very convenient, but the durability. Believe that used caigang watts consumers know, caigang watts, once in use after long period of time will produce the condition such as bending deformation. Resin compared with caigang watts, all aspects of the performance.

without any damage. Fire protection building materials testing statement ( The code for fire protection A2 building interior decoration plan. Plastic burning function decided that B1 level 6 or above) Standard resin tile can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, soaking experiment salt, alkali and less than 60% of the various kinds of acid 24 hours without chemistry. Is a manufacturer of tile, our resin best-selling across regions, tile how much is the wholesale price, please find our details, the quality of our products is reliable, resin tile has weather resistance and load resistance. Sound insulation effect is good corrosion resistance, excellent since waterproof performance, since the cleaning performance, light weight, easy installation, etc. Resin market prospects of market outlook is the same as the new pipes and, of course, have very big concern with the quality of the product itself, but more important is the enterprise can have a more benign can really promote the development of resin, the market share of this product. Can, of course, if the enterprise under the precondition of the development of the enterprise is very good to put some money into research and development.

together, nanjing, hangzhou, wuhan, Beijing and other cities of the resin tile ping change slope engineering open one after another. And within the next few years the level city, county-level cities and small towns spread all over the country, and resin tile ping change slope engineering will provide a roof light decoration materials market space. Resin tile roof stores according to 2004 statistics, only 1200 new homes face all kinds of waterproof materials needed for the square. In addition, now nationwide promoting decorate resin tile roof waterproof material ( Especially decorate light roofing waterproof material) Is a potential market. Resin tile intention is to deal with urban poor insulation of a flat roof, easy penetration, not beautiful, it chooses the resin tile roofing materials with light weight, color, rich, beautiful, good waterproof performance, construction convenient, price moderate, etc. Follow s advance, the development of science and technology, people more and more high to the requirement of tile, original concrete, tile products cannot have satisfied people to watts.
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