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PVC Plastic roofing sheet can resist typhoon!!

PVC Plastic roofing sheet can resist typhoon!!


PVC plastic roof sheet can also be used in areas with typhoons. Many countries and regions are affected by typhoons every year, not only in coastal cities, but also in other areas. There are also continuous storms, big trees are blown down, roof tiles are blown and broken, roof leaks and other problems continue to occur. Occurrence, causing serious economic losses to people everywhere, and even endangering lives.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing the pvc roof sheet, even if it is typhoon, rainstorm, hail, it can withstand it. The colors are diverse and beautiful, and the price is very affordable. Let's see what advantages it has:

01 Convenient construction

Traditional cement tiles and glazed tiles are heavier and more troublesome to install, and they will fall off and hurt people. But the pvc roof sheet is very different. It is not only very light in weight, very labor-saving, but also very easy to install. It has a large single sheet area, few roof joints, and tight lap joints, so it has excellent waterproof performance.

02 Stronger and longer life

The biggest advantage of ASAPVC roof sheet is its good performance. It can not only resist acid and alkali corrosion in nature, but also has excellent waterproof and load resistance. It has excellent waterproof, fireproof and windproof performance, whether it is typhoon, heavy snow or hail. Can bear it. Its superior performance advantages make it have a longer service life.

03  Affordable

Although ASA PVC corrugated roof sheet has many advantages, its price is not high. Compared with other tiles, its cost can be considered very low, and because the construction and transportation are relatively simple, it can also save labor costs, the overall cost performance can be said to be very high, and there is no need for maintenance in the later period.

04 Beautiful and environmentally friendly

No matter what construction style you choose, the pvc roof sheet can be perfectly matched, and the color is durable, not easy to fade, and it rains like new. Even after many years of use, the appearance is still very beautiful, and the resin tile can be recycled and reused after it is used up, which is truly beautiful and environmentally friendly.

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