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PVC anti-corrosion tile installation method

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
First PVC anti-corrosion tile use electric drill hole, then use hook nail fixed PVC anti-corrosion, aperture is bigger than the hook screw rod diameter 2 mm, fastening hook nail, nut on elastic moderate, not too loose or too tight, please use the serration saw cutting, fusible interlining, wrong holes available adhesives roof depth-span ratio from 1:5 to 1:6. At the same time during the installation process need to pay attention to the following:
1, installing a lap: composite tile ( Big wave tile) Lateral ride a wave ( PVC anti-corrosion tile two waves lap, when the span of more than 24 m suggested three waves lap) Suggest longitudinal lap length not less than 250 mm, please according to the flow direction and the direction of the wind determine lap, ( Up and down) Level, avoid leaking due to installation.
2, installing a fixed: it is recommended to use stainless steel tile hook and cooperate with the stainless steel tablet of fixed, fixed, such as a drill hole to use plastic special drill, drill bit diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the fixed pieces of 1 mm ( Leave room for plastic heat bilges cold shrink) , opening should keep aperture edge is smooth, avoid stress concentration, and when the weather is cold hole cannot be too careful.
3, all the fixed position should be installed at the top of the wave, and ensure that the fixed and tile surface vertical, fixed parts can't accept too tight, lest cause PVC corrosion, deformation and leakage.
4, fixed quantity to ensure that every square not less than 6, fixed parts can be mounted above the tarpaulin, PVC anti-corrosion parts laying around on the scaffolding, please increase fixed appropriately, and to ensure that the wave tile out part of the roof within 100 mm.
5, when installation, please keep the purlin span under 700 mm, lest cause falling tile surface deformation and leakage. Article wingceltis spacing: 2. 0 mm below should not exceed 80 cm, 2. 0 ~ 3. 0 mm less than 100 cm.
6, steel reinforced composite don't take small curvature radius of the arch when installation. Construction of the other: please make sure to do a good job of antirust exposed steel wire head.
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