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property advice: the problem with flat roofs

by:Xingfa      2019-11-03
My flat roof is leaking and needs to be repaired.
It is about 3 m x 5 m and currently has felt and tile construction.
I have received estimates from several companies, some of which seem keen to use the ethylene-propylene rubber film for repair.
Is this suggestion?
Also, I was told by a contractor that the construction control was applicable to this work and that I had to hire a surveyor to do pre-
Inspection and completion in order to obtain certificates from local authorities.
Is this right?
MS, major issues with tablets via email
Roof repairs are often not the choice of materials for weatherproof covering, but rather the first diagnosis of why it leaks.
Many of the flat roofs in the UK are flat, with insufficient structural materials, so they sag in the middle, allowing rain to enter the pond, and then find a way out through any spike defect.
The \"flat\" roof should actually have at least 1-in-
80. allow rain to flow
Closed and decorated with marine or WBP plywood.
If your roof is lighter than this, or decorated with cardboard, then it doesn\'t matter what you cover it --
It will eventually leak again.
Personally, I prefer the \"traditional\" covering material, and the current incarnation of this material is the enhanced torch. on felt.
If applied properly, its life expectancy is 50 years old.
It may or may not last for such a long time.
It hasn\'t been judged long enough.
Like fiberglass, it is often used as a paste
Plaster remediation on existing failed slabs
Roof coverings-this is a hassle as mentioned above.
The latest building regulations stipulate that any flat roof must be redecorated
The covered must be insulated from the current standard at the same time.
This means you have to inform you of the building of the local government.
The control department checks and approves the work or employs a roof contractor registered \"on its own\" by the government
Certification Program.
It is obviously a good idea to heat the flat roof, but care must be taken to avoid condensation and wood rot problems in the structure.
Property advice: do we need to lay chimneys for our wood? burning stove?
How to decorate future houses with maps
Top tips for decorating with maps now and now property advice: property walls may mean problems with property advice: be careful to prove, the best solution is usually to lay a rigid foam insulation board on the top of the waterproof cover, as this keeps the entire roof structure above exposed
Point temperature
Paving boards can be laid on the top of the insulation as an aggravating layer and are allowed to enter as a roof garden.
You call your roof a \"felt and tile building\" which sounds like it\'s possible in your case.
As I often point out, the members of the trade association themselves are not a guarantee of a good job, but in this case I do recommend that readers hire members of the flat roof Alliance (www. nfrc. co. uk/FRA. aspx; 020 7638 7663).
Solve the smelly situation and ask us to live in a five. year-old, three-
A house with a second floor (top)
The floors are mainly under the eaves of the attic space (bedroom and en-
Bathroom and shower in Suite).
The problem is that when the prevailing wind comes from a certain direction, the shower outlet smells bad and it is even possible to feel the airflow.
I don\'t understand how this happens because I think an S-is needed for any exit-
Bending or similar, resulting in sealing.
Why is this happening, what is the solution?
MB, north Wales A you\'re right-A trap or \"U-should be installed for all waste outlets-
Prevent sewer smell from entering the home.
Modern shower trays, however, are sometimes so thin that the traditional S or P-
Instead, a shallow \"shower Trap\" was installed \".
If the pipe leading to this is too long or steep, then the negative pressure generated by the water escape sometimes pulls the water out of the trap to dry it.
Try pouring a little water into the shower to see if this will solve the problem.
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