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Plastic tile manufacturers: bad environment under roof building materials - how to choose Foshan buddhist city star tile industry co. , LTD

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Weathered, the typhoon hit, the corrosion of acid rain, snow, hail raids, frequent earthquakes. 。 。 。 。 。 In the face of nature's moody, the victims of the disaster, as if has its & ndash; — Roofing materials, also hurt, there are human beings, all kinds of buildings, plants and animals, and so on. If roofing materials selected by the way, can make to reduce all damage big degree, the bad environment how to choose the roofing materials? Star hair small make up recommend the tile industry is currently widely used a new type of green roof construction materials. To against the roof building materials of all sorts of natural disasters, weather resistance is the key. Traditional roofing tile products, both cement tile, ceramic tile caigang watts, etc. , in front of natural disaster always seem so pale, broken broken, rusty rust. Today, there are some roofing materials, it is a traditional tiles updated products, plastic tile, tile and PVC synthetic resin anticorrosion, both high weather resistance, with wind shock resistance, toughness, heat preservation and heat insulation in nature under ultraviolet light, acid, alkali, high strength impact can still maintain good mechanical properties, is said to be a strong opponent of natural disaster. Plastic tile, synthetic resin roof tile and PVC anti-corrosion tile can distinguish somewhat in application field, if you are factory, the farmer's market, aquaculture and other fields, it is recommended to use PVC tile, plastic tile, span is large, we have designed for chemical plants, smelters, bleaching and dyeing house, fertilizer and other corrosive plant using APVC anticorrosive weather resistance composite tile; If it is homes, villas, resorts, landscape construction, recommend the use of synthetic resin, good-looking appearance, stereo sense is strong, with antique characteristics. If you don't choose roofing materials, welcomed the advisory foshan star tile industry, roofing with professional service, free design engineering drawing, 1 days out of the budget, can provide you with efficient, natural disaster prevention roofing materials. Nip in the bud, choose foshan star tile industry, more safe.
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