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'Ping changed slope' worry-free light body synthetic resin tile build high-quality roofing renovation project

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
The failure of the flat roof building looks mediocre, waterproof, thermal insulation performance difference caused by the waste energy, has become the urgent needs to solve three problems. Now, the state vigorously promote ping change slope engineering is tinkering with flat-roofed buildings top, to avoid leakage of flat-roofed buildings, water retention, heat insulation, accumulated debris and other issues. Light body use of synthetic resin, but also be build ping change slope model of high quality engineering.

light body synthetic resin tile build ping change slope engineering case:
case 1: the miyi aiming at the existence of urban and rural green caigang watts tent to influence the situation of the urban and rural landscape, establish the 'miyi county on further strengthening the management of the urban and rural housing top-level ping change slope opinions', the county town planning, town planning area, along the highway and 214 provincial highway along the green transformation, caigang watts tent to use it is the light body of synthetic resin. Held after the county ping change slope workshop, the meeting agreed in 2016 in lotus town green husk village climbing group 1 to 5 pilot work start 200 ping change slope. To enter a site inspection work before modification has been completed at the end of October, 215 households in the transformation range. At present, the work is in order to promote.

case 2: the new city hebei road north along the road building promotion transformation to a close, more than 20 street commercial building and eight old residential building show a completely new look. According to introducing, promotes the reformation will be part of the building roof becomes red synthetic resin tile top, inside wall paint, and replace the security door maintenance, etc. , will promote the building energy saving heat preservation function, effectively prevent the building cracking, more than 300 residents will benefit.

ping change slope + roof shape
case 3: shu-jun li is the pull GaZha hadad wulanhaote puerarin temple town of an ordinary villagers, with the implementation of the ten for the whole project, the light body synthetic resin tile shu-jun li home ping change slope, exterior wall paint a beautiful yellow, practical beautiful. Done & lsquo; Ping change slope & rsquo; , this year the rainy season the house didn't leak rain, sound insulation effect is very good. Shu-jun li old man talked about ping change slope to the reporter, filled with a smile on his face. Originally the spacious 140 square meters large house with elevated roof, stands tall and straight. According to understand, shu-jun li cover house ten years ago because of disrepair, in rainy days the house leak rain, catch up with the snow is the frost on her house. Nowadays, shu-jun li home living conditions good, person's energy is becoming more and more sufficient, this year put a vegetable garden on the all kinds of vegetables, and planted grapes. The types of Chinese cabbage to begin, I have to prepare in advance. Are clicking shu-jun li said. Look, in the field of the pull GaZha completed ping change slope houses are rows of columns, not air. It is reported that since 2015, when hadad that pull GaZha adopted the ping change slope, completed 51 families.

light body synthetic resin roof tile is the best ping change slope engineering use material. The most prominent feature of the product is solid and reliable, fall off, strong weatherability, colour is gorgeous, beautiful modelling, long service life, at the same time also has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, fire insulation, easy installation. Used in ping change slope can greatly shorten the construction period, reduce the manpower expenses, modified roofing adornment sex is strong, high grade.
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