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Ping change slope synthetic resin tile how to solve the top water seepage problem

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
In order to improve people's living level, to save energy. Large area to improve city appearance in the short term, at the same time, since 1999, the Shanghai government has carried out the magnificent and crack crack renovation project, namely 'ping changed slope' project, after the house look brand-new. Reconstruction project carried out up to now, most of the old buildings along the street to transform, a huge social benefits. Today, guangzhou, nanjing, wuxi, Shanghai, tianjin and other cities have been successively carried out ping change slope engineering. Then with ping change slope resin tile how to solve the problem of seepage water of the top? Grilled building materials to give you a steak. 1, ping change slope with synthetic resin tile solve the top-level households, 'Cold winter hot summer', through the top and the original flat double layer heat insulation layer and through the dormer window in the middle of the circulation of large space air layer can effectively improve the heat preservation, heat insulation effect of the roof. Field test in the Shanghai residential development board site, household indoor temperature on the top hot season than 'ping changed slope' average fell before 2 ~ 3 ° C, the cold season rose 2 ~ 3 ° C. 2, ping change slope synthetic resin tile solve the top-level households, 'Leak, the water penetration', there is in the early construction of multi-storey residential most used brick structure, the flat roof for the precast floor slab structure, due to uneven subsidence structure and the use fixed number of year of roofing waterproof material such as a variety of causes of water leakage problems bothering the top-level households for a long time. Therefore, every year to spend a lot of maintenance funds to repair and leakage. Stamp on flat roof rainwater discharge, slope roof, will be to avoid the rain's hoard, fundamentally solves the roof water leakage phenomenon. 3, ping change slope synthetic resin tile beautify the urban landscape, as a result of old house facade renovation, rich slope roof shape and colorful roofing materials, project implementation of the 'ping changed slope', makes it old, rigid facade becomes rich. 4, ping change slope synthetic resin tile to save energy, with the deepening of the reform and development of people's living standard had the very big enhancement, the functional requirements of the residence is becoming more and more high, though, the government every year a lot of money into new housing, but there are still many people especially benefit bad company worker still live in old house, living conditions have not improved. Moreover, most of the old house has more than ten years to decades of life, it compared with new housing residents formed a great contrast. Therefore, through the implementation of the 'ping changed slope' project, to eliminate the old house a series of hidden trouble for residents, improve the existing standard of thermal, save energy, improve the living conditions, greatly exert the value of the old house. Say so many, I believe that everybody on how to use ping change slope resin tile top ooze water solution have a certain understanding, hope to be able to help you more in the process of actual use save unnecessary expenses.
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