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petraslate tile & stone increases selection of roof tiles for high-end home builders.

by:Xingfa      2019-10-26
Denver, July 21, 2013-(PR. com)--Denver, CO-
PetraSlate tile & Stone, a supplier of slate and tile products for 20 years, has announced several updates to the Colorado contractor\'s exclusive selection of roof tiles.
The company\'s updated website now includes durable clay tile products from leading manufacturers such as gladd, McBean clay roof tiles, and fashion concrete tile options from companies such as Auburn tiles.
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Permanent roof suppliers can rest assured that they can get a large number of unique roof tiles through any operation of factory roof suppliers or large box stores.
That\'s why Denver contractors are making PetraSlate tiles and stones for a wide variety of roof tiles.
One of the latest product lines offered by Petraslate Tile & Stone is Auburn concrete roof tiles.
The manufacturer\'s products are popular in the industry for their unique aesthetic quality.
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To create a more visible shadow effect.
The company\'s products are ideal for new construction and construction projects.
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High quality roof tiles for Glading, McBean clay roof tiles.
These perfect clay products are used in construction projects around the world and are known for providing strong durability in Colorado\'s undulating weather patterns.
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The McBean clay roof tile range is the ideal source of the product.
PetraSlate\'s staff have many years of experience in sourcing suitable slate, clay, concrete or composite roof tiles for building design.
They are also experts in installation and unique application situations or trouble shooting.
They\'re number one in Denver.
Contractors looking for reliable and knowledgeable rooftop tile suppliers stop shopping.
To learn more about petraslate Tile & Stone\'s latest products, please contact the company directly today or visit their business websitepetraslate. com.
Contact details: PetraSlate tile and stone kristihada (303)280-
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