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permission sought for tourist retail outlet

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
Dunleer, a tourist retail store in woodlands, is one of the development projects seeking permission from the Luce County Council for planning.
An application from the DCM House Donal Kinsella on Drogheda Marsh Road has been submitted to the local authorities for the establishment of a tourist retail store, 34 units, coffee/Shop Restaurant, management office staff and public toilets, tour booth, 360 cars, 20 coach spaces, delivery of goods is one of some applications received by the Council during May 31.
Glenageary, Co. , 27 Bellevue Road Debbie Wagner and Kieran Spelman
Dublin seeks outline permission for 25-
According to the specifications of the relevant departments of Cross Road, Collon Ardee Street, the bedroom provincial hotel agreed with Bord Failte and the medical center.
Sean Begley, the gable at the new House Lane in temmon Feigon, seeks outline permission from both
Floor residential and wastewater treatment units at Dundalk Gilbertstown Duffy\'s Cross. R. & G.
Kathy, leisnavelli of Dundalk Carrick Road Rucky Hill seeks planning approval for residential, septic, wastewater treatment systems, penetration zones, and Dromiskin coolenston.
Lena & Anthony Langan, 5 Dromiskin Commons Road, seeking permission from both
The floor slope roof on the side of the residence at the same address extends.
Permission is required to be granted to imonkel, the site of the Adidas change house type on authentic street, to the spiritual Street, stickellen, Adi.
Anthony haghey, 5 Ardee Terrace, Dundalk seeks planning approval for both
Hackpa, floor house, associated septic tank and site works at Hackballscross.
Michael Keeling, church, Knocknagoran, omis outline for leave of month
Horizontal holiday home with septic tank at the same address.
Lynda Berkeley Hill, 7, Ardee Sliabh Breagh, sought permission from dormer homes, home garages, puraflo wastewater treatment systems and vehicle entrances in Ardee Mullameelan.
James McKin, 9 Campbell Park, Ardee seeks permission for residential expansion at the same address.
Overview Ronan Phillips, Edentubber, Dundalk sought permission for residential, septic and infiltration areas of the same address.
Overview of licenses sought by Aidan Phillips, Edentubber, Dundalk for residential, septic and infiltration areas of the same address.
Dundalk Oakland Park 126 Ann & George Coburn seeks permission to change the type of house, not under Carlingford Liberties 01/445.
Dundalk, Barronstown, Hackballscross, Ronan Byrne seek permission to convert the attic at the same address.
Joseph & Tracy Murphy, 22 Castle Heights, Dundalk Castletown Road, seeks permission from Dormer homes, septic tanks and related site works in Willville, Carlingford.
Tom & Nuala McCrystal of Dundalk Jenkinstown Bellurgan seeks permission to expand and renovate the residential quarters of the same address.
Overview Carlingford Dundalk Street Declan Savage is the licence sought for dormer residential, FM environmental treatment systems and related site works on mullaee Greenore Road.
R. outline permission sought
Savage, FM environmental treatment system and related on-site engineering at Carlingford Dundalk Street, Dormer residence.
Outline permission sought by Robert Savage Jnr.
Carlingford Dundalk Street, Dormer residence, FM environmental treatment system and related field works on Murati greenno Road.
David James Maginnis of Dundalk ravennasila seeks planning approval for dormer homes, septic tanks and penetration zones at the same address.
Peter & Chris Cumiskey, Dunbin Little, Knockbridge seek permission from both
Floor house, garage, septic system and related site works in Ballybarrack.
Paul Watters, Lurgankeel, Kilcurry, Dundalk seek outline permission for residential, garage, septic and infiltration zones at the same address.
Michael Rooney of Ardee 90 Sliabh Breagh seeks permission to change the use from a retail store to a gaming office, including the relevant signage for Ardee John Street.
Paul Mangan, Belpatrick, Ardee sought permission to build septic tanks and infiltration zones for residential buildings of the same address.
Outline permits sought by Shane Grant, Knockbridge Road, Little Mills, Dundalk for residential and septic system at the same address.
Rosetta Herr of Blackrock Bothar Maol seeks permission to extend the sunroom to a house at the same address.
Dan & Mary O\'Nell, Thistle House, Mountpleasant, Dundalk seeks permission to renovate and replace homes using septic tanks and infiltration systems at the same address.
Whitefence Development Limited.
Hillkill, Co. , Ballybride Road, Point Town House
Dublin seeks permission to retain the cottage on Dublin Road, hargestown, which includes Grandma\'s apartment and playroom with rendered brick walls and slate gray roof tiles.
David & Roisin Egan, 26 Feran Drive, Louth village, sought permission to build a home in Muff, Louth village.
Martin Kelly, lugankiir, Kilcurry seek permission for dormer residence and keep the basement, rising wall, septic tank (previous ref. 96/361)
At the same address.
Hugh Hickey of Ardee Bohernamoe seeks permission to extend the residence to the same address.
Clive Finley, Stormanstown, Adi is allowed to postpone to the business seminar (previous ref. 01/424)
At the same address.
John Dolan, 28 Botai pull the road, O, cooperate.
Btone, BT78 5DG approved the expansion and improvement of the Ravensdale Ballymakellet septic tank house and installation.
· Carael, coxtown, Adi is licensed for the outline of the residence and the treatment of the sewage treatment plant.
Tanya Bird, Ratney, and tarantown approve the construction of residential and septic tanks in athestown, Aldi.
Allow a grain store in Dermot Neary, Monvallet, Louth (agricultural)
At the same address.
Hugh Curtis, lugankiir, kircurry, Dundalk are allowed to operate slaughterhouse and related websites at the same address.
Allow Nat McGuinness, the Hill Park, Carlinford\'s home in freedom, Carlinford. F.
DoNews at Ardee Market Street is licensed for 2 apartments and doctor surgery at the same address.
Tarantown Community Council, old school buildings, tarantown approved the removal and replacement of rear extension sections including kitchen, toilet, meeting, dining room, repair of roof, chimney, sink, window, the doors and plasterboard of the old national school protection structure in tarantown.
Fred DoNews at Ardee Market Street allows the retention of existing extensions of retail premises, including the change of use from residential use to retail use, and the change of storage use to retail use at the same address.
Sean Leavy & Orla Finlay, 37 Ireland Street, Ardee, was approved for planning to build a home in Ardee Tullykeel.
James & Lisa Keenan of Ravensdale Ballymakellet was approved for planning for two residential and waste water treatment plants at the same address.
Grant permission to Patrick Hughes, Rampark, Lordship to carry out site development works for 8 residential quarters of the same address.
Pat O\'Connor, BlackRock\'s 2 rock Court, Dundalk granted permission to convert the attic and new windows to the east side of the first floor at the same address. H.
Carlingford approved changes to the layout of the site --
Unit 1 & 8 townhouses and detached homes in and out and under renovation-
12 granted at the same address under 00/1544 and 00/23.
Oliver Donnelly of Torrance town Rathbrist approved the retention of the expansion before and after the same address residence.
Grant of permission to Owen Shakki, 2 Dawson Demison, Adi
Floor extension and home garage at the back of the same address residence.
Grant permission to Noel Kearney, Heynestown, Dundalk to allow the roof to extend to the side of the residence, convert the garage for residential use, build greenhouses and homes at the same address
Permission is granted to Adrian Boyle, pepartstown, Aldi to expand the residence and to retain the extended residence, including the greenhouse/entrance porch located at the same address.
Oliver drumgood, Kilcroney, Readypenny, dundock licensed home garage Calga, Aclint, Adi.
Rathiddy Thomas Markey, Knockbridge approved the extension of the greenhouse and bay windows to the side and front of the existing residence and the retention of the home garage at the same address.
David Martin of Dundalk Newtownbalregan approved the removal of the existing garage, changing the height of the front, widening the vehicle entrance, extending the single layer to the side and back, and extending the greenhouse to the same address
Elaine O\'Connor of Dromena, Dromiskin declined permission for dormer bungalows and related sites to work at the same address.
Kevin Connolly, Sweepfield, Annaverna, Ravensdale refused to keep dwellinghouse (previous ref. 99/597)
At the same address.
Corderry Eilish McArdle, Knockbridge denied permission for residential and septic system for residents at the same address.
Yimeng & Eimear Rogers Ballygowan, the address of the stable that Adi refuses to keep. B.
Keenan, Tatebane, Hackballscross declined to approve the planning of residential and domestic wastewater treatment systems at the same address.
Drogheda Marsh Road Donal Kinsella, 354 cars on refusal to approve village and ancillary facilities of tourist retail stores
Parking for Dunleer woodlands and new access.
Fintan Mulholland, Ballymakellet, Ravensdale, permission to refuse an extension to an existing industrial site at the same address. J. & C.
McAdam of Carlingford North Commons declined to permit the expansion and renovation of existing homes, as well as the wastewater treatment system and all related sites to work at the same address.
Saburo Grove Limited
33 O\'Neal Street, Carrickmacross, about refusing to allow 31 houses in 4 terraced units, 6 terraced units, 4 semi-terraced units
Independent, 13 independent two.
Floor house, open space and all related site works on Dromiskin Commons Road.
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