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PengGai engineering for synthetic resin tile development of enterprise and brand

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Shantytown reconstruction project in the national orderly, is both a major people's livelihood projects, the project is also a significant development projects, to steady growth, structural adjustment, the action of livelihood is fully staffed, national leaders also attaches great importance to. In shantytown renovation project, the use of building materials is also very careful, must want to accord with the requirement of environmental protection and energy saving, this undoubtedly good synthetic resin tile development of enterprise and brand. Synthetic resin tile this new type of green roof material, it is my pleasure to become one of the shantytown renovation engineering of building materials.

14 years in June, a state council executive meeting, prime minister li keqiang stressed that turn shantytowns into new housing areas should be input and output of the calculator, also should be social fair ZhengZhiZhang. It is in the conference, Mr Li again deployed further do a good job in urban shantytowns and dangerous house renovation and supporting infrastructure in urban and rural areas and related work, and develop a plan of the work of three years. According to the plan, 2015 & ndash; In 2017, reconstruction, including cities dangerous house, villages, all kinds of shanty towns housing 18 million sets, 10. 6 million households, rural wei intensify PengGai supporting infrastructure construction, urban infrastructure more complete, rational layout, operation safety, convenient service.

the summer davos BBS on September 15, li keqiang, in response to a South African entrepreneurs subject again mention, China will continue to promote shantytown transformation on a large scale. He said China has 100 million people live in shanty towns, we must give them a modern standard of living conditions. PengGai is related to the people to live and work in peace and contentment, and PengGai engineering of roofing waterproof is the key to life is closely linked with the people. Therefore, in order to CRD shantytown transformation goal task, roofing waterproof special strict accountability appraisal, the application of synthetic resin tile must ensure PengGai become so people's livelihood project. Responsibilities and opportunities coexist, the national PengGai project will give the development of synthetic resin tile enterprises and brands to create another big opportunity.
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