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Old winter is not cold summer not stuffy, covered with resin tile farewell to pick up time

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Willing or not, life is always urge us forward. Now, we make a roof, gradually replaced by going of the reinforced concrete building, it is often said that to go back to no place to call home, to the place called the distance. Warren, I can't forget, can't forget, don't forget. 。 。 。 。 。

roof, winter is not cold summer not stuffy, does not wet, protect our thousands of years, but because often pick up double watts, gradually be eliminated. Therefore, match the cassette flat-roofed buildings springing up everywhere, the roof water, leakage, insulation became a big problem.

synthetic resin tile quietly appeared in people's field of vision, it is anticorrosive, impermeability, qualitative light, flame retardant, heat insulation, fast installation, high safety coefficient, quickly occupied the city ping change slope engineering, recognised by the government and vigorously promoted. In 512, to shine in the post-disaster reconstruction project is a new type of tile material in earthquake prone area utilization rate is very high.

resin tile color, beautiful appearance, smooth, more meet modern high demand for home, don't need to pick up tile maintenance, especially for modern people to solve a big problem. Now, many young people do not pick up the double watts, the old man went to the maintenance and dangerous. Resin tile is installed at a time, once and for all, without overhaul maintenance during use, use waterproof self-tapping screws, tile board, strong and firm, do not shift, do not fall off, will not leak occurred.
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