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News: resin tile manufacturer to improve the quality of cities in chengdu ecological city big beautiful pattern

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
Look at the blue sky, after sunset, this summer is a lot of longquan, especially photography enthusiasts like one thing. The longer life in the city, the natural yearning more urgent, Long Quanyi near mountain not into the geographical advantage, let see diffused lights on the roof of their building in the morning and evening, longquan mountain overlooking sunset, became a blessing in life. Good ecological background, it is the support of happiness.

both ecological construction and green construction, ecological background are important gripper shape, ecological environment improvement. According to the landscape, scenic spot, can enter, can participate in requirements, adhere to the green huimin, battalion city together, build a scene as a potential, ShangXingYe strategy, accelerate the development of our five greening system construction, enhancing ecological background, writing more blue water and green mountains day more blue beautiful chapter, perseverance to promote ecological value creative transformation, enhance the reputation and attraction of the city.

system scheme down blue top strong planning

the three ecological construction pushing

deep street the sun village, this paragraph of time is the melon and fruit mature season, attracted many people into the village. In the village, the former two years to build a complete view of the east weir, corridors bend, poplar and willows, the wall green very strong figure with a pool of clear water lotus pond, as if also live up. 6 groups in the village, as an important part of the central green core and the important node in the rural residential environment renovation, also put on a new look. Farmhouse on both sides of the road, basic has bid farewell to the original blue roof, changed the resin with dark grey tile, metope white-washed, big green hakka family precepts family trait of design and color pictures, make full of cultural atmosphere here.

is not only the sun village, there is a change in XiHe Town dragon village, and the mayor parker matsumura, mountain spring town and village, and so on many villages, by controlling the rural residential environment brought about by the changes, it is obvious that effect is obvious.

the central green core biome, green ecological, chengdu longquan mountain forest park city, is to accelerate the development of our three biome. Through the establishment perfect 'longquanyi district central green core area of urban design scheme, to the oct central green core project investment framework agreement, carry out blue crucial action of roof control, our district has been completed so far the central green core area neo-treasure hill dismantled about 600000 square meters.

in the greenway construction in chengdu, actively cooperate with the municipal authorities and platform development of our company, to speed up project construction, swan lake, such as jade, QingLongHu green way have been rendered. In longquan mountain city of forest park construction, my area within the scope of the mountains tourism avenue has been in the construction, jiangsu DE international tourist resort design has been completed and the longquan mountain city forest park 45 km greenway design and review work.

take park to mention landscape building green track

3 green way series leisure life

in the evening, wetland, longhua road light shine on the surface of the water, evening breeze willow bobble, lotus fragrance floating, many people drove here, take a walk, leisure, exhaustion of a work. Yi landmark park, the lights on, quiet in the book, the amusement park, trail running figure from time to time, for the urban night, opened the new annotations.

a city township, is also a green way, different life, are becoming Long Quanyi people enjoy a good image of the ecological environment.

as a steep gully river road west, a green trails on the Banks to extend, shuttle in greenwood, flowers, connect the indoor area residents life.

the green road, park construction as quality improvement of urban ecological environment improvement, main fulcrum, district are for citizens more greenery and poetry.

it is reported that so far, our district has been built yi landmark park demonstration section, steep ditch river ribbon park and other green 46 km, music square agriculture development bureau and other small garden, the green space, 69, 152 new green space. 14 hectares, the rate of 36. 97%. Star green road, at the same time, accelerate the DongFengQu 10 the greenway projects, such as construction of ecological demonstration site construction, to ensure that build green, 30 kilometers micro and small garden, the green space of 32.

in a number of green way intensify construction at the same time, the quality plan is to accelerate the forming of more green: Jiang Jiahe ecological park, reed river waterfront park international bidding projects completed concept design, strive to start construction in September 2020; Yi is avenue road renovation and upgrading landscape engineering universiade security project is according to the evaluation opinions optimization plan design, strive to start construction before the end of 2019.
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