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New type of resin material, far beyond the traditional watts humanized function is very popular

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Only can protect the traditional roofing tile giant left behind by The Times already, can fully meet the visual and functional requirements of the new resin tile has arises at the historic moment, fashionable appearance and color is rich, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, wind seismic, installation is simple, and many other functions makes new resin tile tile material industry leader.

material of environmental protection and energy saving, more can satisfy the need of era
the ASA high weather resistance engineering resin resin tile used to accessories made of 3 layers co-extrusion technology, material of environmental protection and energy saving products, also can be recycled, no consumption of land resources, the production process does not produce waste gas pollutants such as wastewater; Tiles is not easy to be broken, for up to 20 - service life During the 30 years, with self-cleaning function, use without overhaul maintenance, also do not grow moss and other sundry.

function is excellent, far beyond the traditional roofing tile
a, weather resistance, outstanding & ndash; — Thirty years service life

select advanced super weather resistance anti-aging formula design, it has been verified by practice: in Russia, southeast Asia and China mainland, southeast coastal various climate conditions, are outstanding.

2, outstanding waterproof & ndash; — Free of fortified layer

- in 10 degrees A 80 - degree slope roof building use can be free of fortification in the water. Resin tile data characteristics, structure, patent fittings and scientific and reasonable installation method makes the roof with a full range of waterproofing system.

3, wind resistance and earthquake resistant & ndash; — 90 degrees of safe and reliable building facade decoration

no matter or high-level application in villa, inland or coastal, can withstand hurricane, earthquake, roofing system safe and reliable.

4, color rich, innovative features, persistent safe

color is diversiform, can also be customized production. Resin tile surface bright and clean, with functions of strong acid and alkali resistant, so in any environment will not mildew, corrosion, if it is new.

5, fire prevention function distinguished

fire rating reached national B1 level, belongs to the level of flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion.

6, heat insulation, heat preservation function outstanding

the coefficient of thermal conductivity of resin tile is 0. 325w/m. K, about 1/310 of the clay tile, 1/5 of the cement tile, 0. 1/2000 of the 5 mm thick caigang watts. Therefore, under the condition of without considering adding thermal insulation layer, heat insulation performance of synthetic resin tile still can achieve the best.

7, good sound insulation function

the porous structure of the core layer sound cuts in porous wall, make the residents from the roof noise.

eight, the patience and strength that

characteristic of the three layers composite structure, two-way stretch processing technology, even the temperature change is bigger, the scale of, can also be on its own to ensure that the geometry size stability.

it is easy to install, is a personal
the length of the resin tile can be cut according to the size of the house, a piece of tiles can cover a few square meters, compared with the traditional tile lighter, tile board adopts special tapping screws, solid and firm, don't fall off.
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