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New roof tile manufacturer to reveal the secret of the tile for you, why do you want to buy expensive tile?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
New roof tile and the difference between ordinary roof tile:

1. New type of roofing tile on the basis of cement and silica sand, organic and inorganic mineral fiber fiber composite fiber as reinforced material.

2, with light weight, high strength, strong pressure, good bearing capacity, a three-dimensional appearance, color is rich, adornment effect is good, simple structure, durable, the characteristics of the service life of more than 30 years. More environmentally friendly, more secure.

3. Ordinary roofing tile made of hardened concrete rolling, which means that the new roof tile compared with ordinary roof tile has a unique decoration, stability and durability.

4. In addition, the new roof tile in application range and erosion resistance of various climate factors have the advantage of better than the ordinary tile. With the development of building materials, new type of roofing tile to replace the ordinary roofing tile.

the price of new roof tile is about 45 yuan per square metre.

there is a higher price of archaize of new aluminum tile, the price is in two hundred yuan of above. Compared with other roof tiles, the tiles are more worrying in terms of technology and material.

archaize brick production enterprises, points out that whether archaize brick or ordinary brick, they have already learned so much brick, why buy expensive tile? In fact, it can understand it, because they will cherish, because they can cause attention, because of the expensive, people will be known; Sometimes people will say you how to earn so much money, but think about it, you can understand so expensive a word, when I buy it, my heart may be hurt, but in the future, it will make you ecstatic, full of praise; For example, you are a project manager, you spent money to do a project, and you also work on a project is the same project director, and then waited for many years, the same two projects must first have a problem, and then the quality of the project who have questions or bad things will cause the attention of the public, so the future partner will ask you to do this project? When you calculate a sum of money, but all broken posterior. Therefore, you must buy expensive, high-quality products, good things always will be a good thing;
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