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New green synthetic resin tile, the key of the transformation in the building materials product

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Industry insiders predict that the development of new type of green environmental protection building materials or the total gripper will become the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, including d homes card of stone, many new building materials enterprises, is expected to become the main force of 2015 building materials development. According to the 'green action plan', 'twelfth five-year' period will complete new green building 1 billion square meters, at the end of 2015, 20% of new buildings in cities and towns to fulfill the requirements of green building standards, at the same time transforming existing buildings of nearly 600 million square meters. As an important building in the world market, chasing the dream of green building in China, will effectively promote new building materials, new energy, energy conservation service industry development, its potential market size can exceed one trillion yuan. 'The future of new building materials is largely a product of the competition of technology innovation, technology innovation will be one of the key factors for transformation and upgrading of traditional building materials. 'Praise of the new material science research institute focuses on said Dr Returnees, the application of new technology products, can not only meet the architectural appearance but also meet the requirements of green building, completely broke the one thousand to ordinary concrete wall, brick wall, the old face of ceramic tile, is undoubtedly a revolution of the construction industry. 'Green environmental protection building materials industry in China is in a critical period of restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and also by a big building materials building materials into the power forward, beyond the world's leading building materials industry development the important transition opportunity. 'Functional leaders visegrad card of decorative building materials of stone head Li Tao pointed out that compared with the traditional building materials, light weight, high strength resin tile new building materials can be generally, heat preservation, energy saving, no pollution and other excellent features, along with the development of the urbanization and the booming of green building, the market is expanding constantly.
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