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New farms, caigang watts? Have an impact on farming?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Do not recommend using caigang watts, because farms are generally required to heat insulation good point, caigang watts of heat insulation effect is not good, like a big oven in summer, is very bad for animals, can choose better insulation effect, such as synthetic resin tile I know the heat insulation effect is very good.

in addition to the short service life of point not big defects, it is best to use the color tile farms with foam thermal insulation layer, can greatly improve the hot and cold temperature difference effect, still can isolate the breeding environment of salty water gas.

there are 5 cm thick foam caigang watts, who set the roof about one hundred square meters, can be heat insulation heat preservation in winter, when the rain is a bit noisy, in about ten years to change a tile, but I farms use resin tile

worthless old man to have a chat. Farms, do you want to be clear, aquaculture, are animals, chickens? A pig? Good, you are mainly to raise? Or colonization mainly? Two or both?

caigang watts is the question of summer heat, winter cold, heat preservation, if you are small, can be used, if ready to expand scale, insulation you are about to consider the cost. Play play, namely who calculate the cost more detailed. Caigang watts play, architecture design is the key, want to consider factors such as climate change, the direction of the wind, or lead to the outbreak.

but you just put your situation in order to want to do? How much investment? Just good planning. To keep good, also can cover the elevator room, to make poor, bamboo peng can also, investment and benefits you want to think about, how long can see benefit plan, if there is a outbreak, your money can support how long? The design of the farms, largely determine the rate of the outbreak, joke, not simply ask caigang watts can solve the problem.

straight down to business, the impact is some, impact also can be solved at the same time. Do a simple analysis for your reference.

caigang watts to the temperature influence, a lot of people say bad for temperature control, hot summer and cold winter, but it can be resolved, such as using compound caigang watts, or in housing design can also be a certain degree to solve this problem, for example by changes in temperature fan can solve this problem.

caigang watts problem of short service life, at present there are two kinds, caigang watts, called a belt service life can be up to 20 years, and the relatively short service life of some caigang watts, but also in 10 years or so, the environment, quality, installation, there are no scratches and so on are also different. But normal breeding housing use 10 years is similar to a cycle, then other equipment update maintenance problems, so, life is not the key factor to consider.

I want to question the Lord wants is nothing but these two points, but when used in specific design, procurement, construction, need to pay attention to the problem is still a lot of, I can give a general data, the current scale of plants use caigang watts at least more than 60%.
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