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New choice food factory - — Resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Scope: aquatic products processing workshop workshop | | food vinegar beverage factory factory winery dairy processing workshop | | filling workshop | cooking workshop ceiling and wall body arched roof available 1, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and disinfection, non-toxic, prevent mildew; 2, high strength, impact resistance strong tiles super toughness firm, waterproof, don't ooze water, easy to scrub. 3, is not easy to the formation of condensation water, installing a ceiling light radian to prevent condensate drip into the food; 4, light color series do not fade, not change color, plank paint overflow; 5, dry hanging installation ( Successively costs) , mortise type simple assembly, firm does not fall off; 6, a variety of accessories, can satisfy the demands of corner, seed and vertex Angle arc; Resin tile solved perplex export food production enterprises within the workshop on walls, ceiling, corrosion resistance, prevent mildew, condensed water dripping, was praised by the food processing enterprises. High standard demand, in addition resin tile should food factory YingShi introduced lead-free synthetic resin tile, non-toxic, tasteless, safety and health. Through the SGS testing, in line with the developed countries such as the eu ROHS environmental protection standard.
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