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natural remedies to kill lichens on tile roofs | ehow

by:Xingfa      2019-10-31
While Moss does not destroy the structure of the roof tiles, they stain the surface of the roof and capture moisture.
Moisture increases the chance of mold growth, which can damage the roof tiles.
Several natural therapies can kill Moss and restore the look of the roof tiles.
Without adding any chemicals, the power of the water removes the moss on the surface, but ordinary water does not kill the moss or remove any remaining stains.
These discoloration will last until you remove them.
After flushing the surface Moss on the tile with water, use one of the other natural medicines to remove any residual growth and stains.
White vinegar is a spicy multi-functional liquid that naturally removes grease, removes odor and kills fungi and Moss.
Natural and non
Toxic vinegar kills the growth of the problem safely without filling your environment with toxic chemicals.
Mix two cups of vinegar with a gallon of warm water.
Dip a brush broom in the diluted vinegar and scrub the moss on the roof tile.
Because it contains sodium percarbonate, oxygen bleach can be used to remove moss rather than harsh chemicals.
The chlorine bleach on the damaged surface is different, and the oxygen bleach does not change the color of the tile roof.
In addition, it is safe to use on asphalt and other roofing materials.
Before using oxygen bleach, dissolve it in water at a rate of 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water.
When cleaning the tile roof, necessary safety precautions should be taken to prevent harm.
Don\'t try to clean the roof if you have problems with the inside or balance of your ears.
In addition, wear a pair of shoes with good tread.
Use only one stable ladder and someone will hold it steady when you climb the ladder and climb the roof.
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