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Modern Roofing Materials. What to choose?

by:Xingfa      2020-06-05
We recognize today's talk will be of interest those who tend to be simply about to start construction in the spring of his house, and people that postponed its completion before spring, leaving a temporary waterproofing the rafters, with regard to roofing material. After all, those and other questions picked of roofing material along with the device itself roofs still need to address. And we hope that today's conversation, and both specialists will assistance to avoid mistakes and miscalculations. No, perform not say that will answer all your questions or give some generic advice - it can do, perhaps no one expert. But to give our readers unbiased information, we will definitely try. From what and on whom functions of roofing material? In reality, all the buildings can be divided into two types: wire frame and cash injection. Carcass - is once the function of this carrier in the certain way full of skeleton, associated with thick logs or thick planks (50-70 mm). Cavity between the elements of the framework are filled with some kind of effective padding. These buildings frame type imply some sort of lightweight rooftops. That is, the weight of roofing material must be 'easy', no longer any than 5 kg/m2. This group includes materials because soft bitumen shingles, metal, 'Onduline', etc. Such designs, we imported from America - there the same as light and relatively cheap pre-fabricated structures that could be easily disassembled and remade. There are, apparently, came into vogue inside period of colonization of America by colonists from Europe. You do not like anything building - dismantle and assemble at this place another shot partially using the old building parts and stuff. We must to be able to another place - also no challenge. Make out, something taken beyond your him, something (that can perform get at the new location), 'recycled' once dis-assembly. gutter heaters In Europe, as a rule, should you prefer a more serious construction. Apparently, this one other due to historical persuits. The buildings are transferred from generation to generation. Utilizing this calculation it is actually usually construction - great-grandfather built so that the great-grandchildren can frequent a house built by them. Naturally, this means other than in relation towards the construction of America and, accordingly, include with construction fabrics. In particular the ecu tradition implies a heavier roofing materials such as ceramic floor tile products. These 'heavy' roofing materials have several advantages compared into the 'light' - and it's low thermal conductivity (and, hence, saving), good insulation. And, of course, aesthetics, since material piece looks will always so added eloquently rather than the leaf. 'Heavy' roofing materials, of course, require far more in its bearing capacity of roof system. Accordingly, a strong truss system must trust in a more solid wall. Well, more durable wall always be supported, respectively, on a very good foundation. Thus, the choice between 'hard' and 'light' roofing materials should boost the risk for customer himself, his desires proportioned and material resources. And the choice that must be taken note and implemented in visuals of your home. After all, the project should your internet site set of interrelated technologically tuned stages, ranging from soil testing at an unusual location (the location of ground water, quicksands, exact same of the soil), fairly of the foundation, the bearing capacity of basic and finishing the construction of roof and purchasing its rooftop. That is, should you be still in the design stage is not put into the design belonging to the corresponding elements of the house, then later make a radical change has not come out. With 'light' roofing materials is somewhat simpler. So when you chose it for them, an individual will have opportunity substitute one 'easy' stuff on the other. But here, daily not state that such an update you make easily. Here, each material requires its own characteristics regarding same truss construction and replacement of material 'on the fly' lead to very substantial additional costs. Here it is more superior to trinkets material prematurely and take account these choice the actual design. Making use of accurately. According to existing guidelines of any roof structure shall be designed rrn order that regardless of your weight within the roofing material (3 or 40 kg of weight per square meter), it would likely withstand extra weight of 200 kg per square meter. In the figures for the central part of Russia will be the snow and wind load, and, of course, a suitable safety aspect. Why should we tell about all certain. Just approach us many clients who are trying, if i may say so, drop in already has deserted train. Man all his life cherished a desire of a beautiful expressive roof had did start to build your home. And as he came to us to buy a roof, then suddenly found out that a square meter of the roof itself weighs 40 kilo. Add to this the very same 200 kg of snow and wind loads. When all figured out, it became clear that this man will have to give up his dream - no foundation or walls, or rafters for this load were calculated. Of course, he was very upset. Certainly it is possible to figure which we call (200 kg/m2) never did listen. This case, as they say, thrifty. But here occasion appropriate to recall the storyplot of the 'three pigs'. Nif-Nif built a house and a roof of straw in half a day, Nuf Nuf-day wove structure of twigs, and Naf Naf-built the longest time, but built a family house of stone. What ended construction and braided straw huts of sticks, when he came for your piglets wolf, I think do n't want reminding. But the wolf only simulated a strong wind hundreds. With the third little pig and his house all ended good. He was safe from all adversity: the physical, climatic too non-pecuniary damage. Simply it is properly taken into consideration all the loads at the design part.Probably not for nothing that he sang during construction song: 'I, of course, all of the wiser. I am building a lot of things out of stones.' Well, seriously, about this very figure never forget is unessential. Customers often naively feel that the roof is lighter, the minus the load throughout the truss system and, consequently, on the walls and foundation, and the less are issues is not operation. When beginning take into consideration - as it turns out even along with a small area of ??the house and the cover over your head (of 50 m2) in the customer hangs 10 ton design. And that is certainly not counting the weight of the rooftop and the actual load of the rafters. Some guy comes to horror. Following the first ten-ton, he did not consider. A shy actually there is not. When well-designed project, taking into consideration all competent acting loads corresponding to the truss system evenly distributes the stress on the walls, the construction of houses will withstand any load easily. Let us now turn directly on the actual roofing materials. What each of which has as well as disadvantages? Metal For a long time it remains in our market, just by sales, probably the most popular roofing products.Why is this it? One reason is that the builders of this material is very advantageous in terms of their pricing and speed of installation, too as technological installation. After installation 1 square meter of roof a year ago, is valued at almost $ 10. And what's to lay a sheet covering nearly 6 square meters. Setting up this page takes several minutes, even if it applied the screws (as expected), but and not on the nails (as carried out sometimes). Circumstances few minutes of work is estimated regarding $ 60.Now prices for work fell slightly, but this attempts are still very profitable for that builders. And who would refuse their own benefit? Another reason for the public attention towards metal roofing is in which it has issued a the same piece porcelain tile.But only from very far. In the west it is generally used as roofing small buildings all of the main economic purpose: gas stations, warehouses, farm house. In the individual building, it may be much more infrequently than in Russia.We have this stuff just a boom. Perhaps there affects the historical tendency one's customers to metal roofs, and in a position to just the consumer is always trying determine on a roof, for the fact that the required minimum maintenance. And here provide just a metallic roof, but similar for the natural to pick from.Apparently the combination of these qualities and gave this surge in popularity.
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