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Model steel and resin watts

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Plastic tile and difference of resin, so part of the owners often lost, today we talk about this problem.

ASA resin tile is super weather resistance engineering resin and PVC double extrusion products, antique design with modern science and technology. It is mainly divided into the upper and lower level: the upper is anti-aging layer, by 0. 2 mm thick ASA resin material covered. Is the lower impact resistant and corrosion resistant layer. It consists of 2. 8 mm thick PVC chemical materials and other auxiliary materials. The most prominent feature is rich colors, durable, lightweight, durable, beautiful shape, stereo sense is strong, conforms to the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture, the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

plastic tile mainly PVC resin ( PVC) As the main raw material, supplemented by ultraviolet anti-uv agents and other chemical raw materials. The use of advanced technology, scientific ingredients manufacturing. Therefore, it has good fireproof, anti-corrosion, weatherability, no asbestos ingredient, bright color and environmental health. Is the update products caigang watts.

1, raw materials, different
PVC tile (based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin PVC) As the main raw material, supplemented by UV ultraviolet resistant agent and other chemical raw materials, through the scientific compounding and made with advanced technology. PVC tile is also called plastic tile, caigang watts is the upgrading of products.
resin tile can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin tile, resin as referred to in the market for synthetic resin tile. Synthetic resin tile SABIC company adopts the world top 500 enterprises of high weather resistance resin ASA was developed. ASA is acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylate ternary polymer composed of rubber.

2, different characteristics of the
synthetic resin tile with color, the waterproof, durable and lightweight tenacity, heat preservation and heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, resistance to shock, resistance to hail, wind resistance to pollution, green environmental protection, fire prevention, insulation, and the advantages of convenient installation, stereo sense is strong and beautiful modelling, color of Chinese elements, it is widely used in all kinds of permanent building roof decoration, especially the present domestic promoted ping change slope engineering.

PVC tile using multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology, on the product surface after anti-aging layer, improve the durability, weatherability and color bottom adds wear-resisting layer. Has good fire resistance, anticorrosion and weather resistance, do not contain asbestos ingredient, colorful, environmental health.

3, application field of different
PVC tile upscale workshop, steel structure workshop, warehouse, the farmer's market, the market channel, carport and other high-grade roofing materials. Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramics factory, soy sauce factory, fertilizer plant, dyeing factory, organic solvent, acid, alkali and other corrosive factory.
is mainly used in resin tile & quot; Ping change slope & quot; Engineering, mobile houses, luxury villas, a castle in the antique buildings, gardens, factory building, villa, building engineering, canopy and awnings, etc.
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