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Mid-Autumn National Day double festival will come, star hair resin tile heavy surprise big send out!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
The annual Mid-Autumn National Day double festival will come, 8 big fake can relax, or do the things they want to do a lot, such as back to the old house roof tile changed? On October 8th September 25 solstice, in star building materials purchase tile material will get a surprise!

a: surprise full 3000 yuan, can obtain the value of a $288 package! First come first served, stocks last!

2: surprise full 5000 yuan, distinctions with a $288 package, not only during purchasing resin tile can also enjoy a discount!

3: surprise full 10000 yuan, 288 yuan in addition to a large package and enjoy discount, was offering to buy tile number of form a complete set of required waterproof cushion cap + self tapping screw.

star reserves the right for final interpretation hair building materials all!
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