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Longquanyi district resin tile manufacturers selling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Longquanyi district resin tile manufacturers, sales manager tel: 13348825100 ( Yellow manager) , longquanyi district synthetic resin WaChang are customization, longquanyi district resin tile accessories are dripping eaves and ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, tee, plug, great and small become warped up the feet, rectangular sealing side, v-shaped flashing, ssangyong play bead, screw waterproof cushion cap, big gourd, xiao bao ding, etc.

synthetic resin tile in longquanyi district widely applicable: rural self-built villa roof, ping change slope, old house renovation, the new rural construction, the roof garden, communities, reconstruction of cave roof, pavilions, city, etc.

longquanyi district has seven streets ( Longquan street, east street, ShiLing streets, deep, bedding face street street, walking the streets, parker street) With three towns ( Los with town, HongAn town, mountain spring town) 。 Longquanyi district people's government in longquan longquan street no. 79 east

5 groups along the dragon village, village road walked to the depths of the village, the families of the blue into a unified style of the new hat. Gray resin tile deserves to go up the cornice and wind board, beautiful and strong. Never thought this boxy concrete bungalow, also can be decorated so beautiful. On July 8, 5 groups of dragon village house seen ms change regrets. Ms

once home in dragon village, XiHe Town is within the scope of the whole town was the first to open the blue top concentrated demolition of the pilot. Since in the triple work conference, XiHe Town in-depth study appreciate work, seize the opportunity, to carry out the blue top management as the core of the rural residential environment improvement action, efforts to promote the masses life happiness, actively explore the expression of the city or the country park.

triple execution of work offers the job to follow. As requested, XiHe Town practical established the rural residential environment renovation plan 'livable rural three scheme' 'blue roof renovation work to be completed plan', detailed the 41 goal task, based on the grid for the hub, long total more than 800 people have more than one member of the service management system, clear the one, two, three, four play, five for five simultaneous execution of work, identified the nine a batch control strategy, formed by the party lead the 159 work system as the core of the rural residential environment regulation.

on June 20th, a blue roof renovation works mobilization meeting XiHe Town, determine the three-step strategy, completed by the end of June 2019 blue top regulation propaganda and mobilization and touch bottom screen; By the end of September 2019, the city proper and blue along the main road full elimination, other area blue top chaos basically eliminated; In 2020 to build a batch of demonstration pilot project of residential environment, urban and rural environment greatly improved. As a result, a blue top management as the core of rural living environment in the whole town spreading a clampdown.

159 execution of work according to the rural living environment regulation, XiHe Town ShiCe, precise ShiCe, self checking out of stock of all kinds of blue end more than 6700 households, 1. 39 million square meters, with wide, proactive, crucial will quickly removed all kinds of blue top neo-treasure hill 1300, 290000 square meters; Shelter facilities standards formulated the farmhouse, encourages the masses to blue top change slope, in areas such as the outer wall of the farmhouse, idle land transformation, 20, 3000 square meters. According to introducing, XiHe Town is fully eliminate the city proper and at the end of 9 main road along the blue top, the end of December basic finish.

building ontology transformation at the same time, XiHe Town had on the earth landscape, to create a visual aesthetic feeling. Residents of the road, landscape node, road, behind the house XiHe Town garden workers flower plant 18000 square meters, green landscape of forest, bamboo, water system, transform and upgrade, reflect the characteristics of village construction sketch landscape, respectively in rhizoma coptidis, dragon, balance in the village building chaoyang shops, liao home big weir, home courtyard Lin Pan demonstration site, small garden 2000 square meters, the new dress up as a colorful natural pastoral landscape.

dragon village liao 5 groups of big weir, blue roof change slope engineering is nearing an end, harmony with the village landscape caesious peak; Dragon village 5 groups happiness road intersection, weeds, cluttered space, become the landscape green brick and stone trails crisscross of green open space & hellip; … Dragon village has become the whole town first remove the blue top and complete the change of slope of schiscosomiasis. For the final rendering, many villagers thumb up for it.

the toilet revolution, sanqing operations, rain sewage pipe network error correction & hellip; … One pay attention to the environment at the same time to carry out a clampdown of lining, further promoted the XiHe Town rural living environment quality.
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