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Long-term resistance to various chemical corrosion such as acid rain, selected as UPVC Roofing sheet

Long-term resistance to various chemical corrosion such as acid rain, selected as UPVC Roofing sheet


UPVC Roofing sheet has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance, and can resist various chemical corrosion such as acid rain for a long time.

With the rapid development of industry and global warming, acid rain has gradually increased. Under the influence of acid rain, the yield of crops has been reduced by up to 35%, and the protein content and yield of plants have decreased. Acidification has led to the extinction of many water species. In addition, acid rain is not only harmful to humans and animals, but also corrodes buildings and tile roofs. What can we do?

We can build greenhouses and use anti-corrosion tiles to prevent acid rain from harming crops. However, there are many types of tiles in the building materials market, and not all tiles have anti-corrosion properties. Color steel tiles are not suitable for use in acid rain areas.

In response to this situation, the UPVC roofing sheet developed by Xingfa can resist the corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. Experiments show that: UPVC roofing sheet is soaked in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours without chemical Reaction, very suitable for acid rain prone areas, corrosive factories and coastal areas.

XINGFA UPVC roofing sheet is made of polyvinyl chloride resin PVC as the main raw material and supplemented by other chemical raw materials. It is made with advanced technology through scientific proportioning. It is a new type of environmentally friendly roofing material. The biggest feature is that it has very good waterproof and corrosion resistance. The UPVC roofing sheet is complete and can be used with accessories such as suspended ceilings and troughs. It can more effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria in the farm, is easy to wash, and will never rust. This has become the absolute replacement for iron tiles and color steel tiles. Advantage.

UPVC roofing sheet not only has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and salt resistance, but also has the advantages of heat preservation and heat insulation, noise reduction, impact and explosion resistance, fire insulation, hail, earthquake and other natural disasters. It is popular in modern farming greenhouses. , Plant construction, farmer’s market, carport and other fields.

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