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Learn resin tile to be familiar with production process from the beginning

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
At present, the domestic production technology of resin has been very mature, stable and skilled production technical support and strict product quality control, the outstanding performance makes the resin tile is more and more popular in the market. Underneath, small make up a brief of the synthetic resin tile production process Shared with everybody, so that we better understand resin tile: the first step, mixing: raw materials, PVC resin, light calcium carbonate, weather resistance engineering plastic ASA co-extrusion materials, etc. ) According to certain proportion into the mixer cone hopper, raw materials by the fan extraction through screw conveyor to the mixer enclosed VAT, after mixing, through the feed opening mixer discharge to stainless steel container, the container sealed and covered by regular round hole in the middle. Discharge outlet and the box cover by the pipe connection between round hole, form enclosed discharging space. The second step, feeding: container transhipment to extrusion machine by machine, by artificial mixing raw materials shovel will be supreme machine cone hopper. The raw material, through the screw conveyor to extruder cone hopper. Screw discharging mouth and between plastic extrusion machine inlet connection, form a closed discharging space. Third step, extrusion: raw material into the extruder warehouse chamber, the electric heated to 200 ℃ or so, the raw material in molten state. Equipment within the resin into the mould molten state of the closed cavity, full of cavity after plastic extrusion forming flake resin ( The synthetic resin tile bottom) 。 In order to make the finished product has the function of fire prevention, anti-aging, flake resin surface coating a layer of ASA. The ASA material in extruder equipment cone hopper, feeding plastic bags directly to cover the entire dog-house. After 175 ℃ heating equipment, ASA melting with directly on the sheet surface of resin, formed a uniform layer of coating. The fourth step, forming: flake resin after double roller embossing in molding machine to form specification tile shape. The machine adopts fan and indirect cooling circulating water. Fifth, cutting: under the effect of molding machine drive, the semi-finished products tiles cut into booking length of tiles. Step 6, inspection: after cutting the product into the inspection process, unqualified products recycling, qualified products into the finished product for sale area. The six steps is briefly the production process of synthetic resin. Synthetic resin tile, tile, ASP gangsu composite tile enhanced fiberglass resin can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details, please focus on roofing tile official website, or call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720
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