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Laying on the surface of the synthetic resin WaWu what pay attention to?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
On the surface of the synthetic resin WaWu laid what pay attention to? Synthetic resin tile in the installation, if you want to keep the body can achieve the result that fit, of course need to synthetic resin tile reasonable installation manual for installation, some of which need special attention to the place, here small make up to you emphasized: 1, synthetic resin tile installation process, the need for a reverse installation according to the local wind direction. In order to be able to make the tile body more strong stay above the roof, the need for transverse overlapping between two pieces of tile body at least one wave, wind area, need two waves lap; As for longitudinal lap, need in 20 - 25 cm, has a strong wind region at least 40 cm; In overlapping areas of the tiles is purlin touching part, need to use self-drilling bolt for fixed, recommend the use of 6 sets of nail/square meter. 2, in order to guarantee is ridge tile installation can perfectly match between waveform, for two slope roof, two slope must be synchronous symmetry to proceed with the installation of synthetic resin tile. 3, fixed a rectification tiles can choose self-drilling bolt to fixed, pad first bolt seals reoccupy electric wrench to tighten the moderate need waterproof cover cap. Do you have any doubts or for content if there's anything you need to understand the problem of consulting, welcome to call the hotline of synthetic resin tile manufacturer: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720
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